About UsThe Home of the Mother is an International Public Association of Faithful of the Catholic Church with pontifical approval, with three missions in the Church:
- The Defense of the Eucharist
- The Defense of the Honor of Our Mother, especially in the privilege of her Virginity
- The Conquest of the Youth for Jesus Christ

Sacred Heart (Stained Glass Window)
Chapel of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother
Zurita, Cantabria, Spain

The intention of our stained glass windows is to help place oneself in the presence of God and to lead the soul to prayer.  They are like the icons in the sense that they are ‘windows’ to eternity. The designs are done in such a way so that whoever enters into the chapel may feel they’re before Jesus, at the feet of Mary, or experience a desire for a more intense prayer life.  It is not just a question of having an image of Mary, but that this image helps us take on her same dispositions.

“Love and humility”
Jesus blesses the Servant Sister, placing his hand on her head.
He shows his Heart, the Eucharist, where the soul finds the living God.
The rays of his mercy shine out from his Heart, enveloping the soul.
The Servant Sister has her gazed fixed on the Lord. If only we always kept our gaze on Him!
She is discalced, like on the day of the profession of her perpetual vows, when she gives herself until death.
Kneeling before the Lord, she recognizes him as her God and her All.
She receives from Jesus, as did St. Teresa, a nail—a sign that their union is proven through suffering.  
The crown of thorns represents meditation on the Passion.
She is holding the rosary, a sign of constant prayer.

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

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