International Public Association of FaithfulHome of the Mother

Intervention of Fr. Rafael Alonso Reymundo

Granting of the Decree

Pontifical Council for the Laity

Rome, June 21st, 2010

intervencion del Padre RafaelYour Eminence, Your Excellency Most Reverend Lord Secretary Joseph Clemens, and all who have participated in this supernatural adventure, rather, this path, because it’s not an adventure, it’s a path.

I hadn’t, up to now I hadn’t felt moved, but when D. Miguel began to recall a little of our history, I felt profoundly moved because I recognized the mysterious hand of God who has been guiding us and who has now brought us to this port of recognition in the form of canonical erection.

We have always had in our hearts love for the Church, always.  The act of giving birth to the Home of the Mother of the Youth with those six first girls, because really they were girls, at the tomb of St. Peter, was intended to manifest our intention to found our movement only on Peter because it was he who received from the Lord the charge to “Confirm your brothers”. Therefore this act, this act for us has a value impossible to equal, it is the end of a way of sufferings too, but I wish to say to my brothers and sisters and to my sons and daughters too, I wish to say to them that this is a commitment of fidelity, that within the Home of the Mother there must never arise voices that are discordant with the Magisterium of the Church, in that Church’s interpretation of morality, the liturgy or any other ambit of reference, because the light of the Lord reaches us through those whom He himself has chosen.

I received an immense grace in the Vatican subsequently.  I don’t remember now if it was subsequently or previously…  I was with Mamie in pilgrimage to Rome and we were making our way down to the tomb of St. Peter.  I recall now that it was previously.  There were four Austrian boys singing the Creed in Latin, Credo in Unum Deum.  And as we made our way down I felt that they were singing the faith of the Church and I received a grace of a passive nature, one may say, but very active too, because God’s graces are the most active thing there is, a grace in which the Lord stirred me to make acts of surrender to that faith: “This faith that these men are singing, is my faith, is the faith of the Church, is the faith of so many centuries, and I am disposed to give my life for the confession of this faith and to give unto the last drop of my blood for this faith”.  This immense grace I have carried in my heart and I desire that all who form part of the Home could one day also enjoy this immense grace that the Lord gave me and that brings us to complete fidelity.

Yesterday we were with His Eminence Lord Cardinal Julian Herranz celebrating Mass in San Girolamo, and no sooner had we reached the sacristy after Mass when he said to me, “Consider that the recognition of a movement, an association, within thirty years, before the completion of thirty years, is a caress from God but also an immense responsibility”.  My wish is that all of us realize this responsibility that comes to us from God and that in the future we live with docility and with total dedication the missions that the Lord has entrusted to us; the defense of the Eucharist, the defense of the honor of Our Mother, especially in the privilege of her virginity, and the conquest of the young people for the Lord.

We are not the best, nor are we exclusive.  We are a small and humble plant, a most humble plant of the Church which the Lord has planted in his wonderful garden that is the Church.  I pray that we always understand that we must remain humble, because the day that we become infected by institutional pride, that day would be for us the beginning of the end.

May God our Lord be praised, may the Lord be glorified through the Home of the Mother, and may our third mission to conquer the young people for Jesus Christ be fulfilled.  This is our task and this is our mission in the Church, which has now recognized us with this document.

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