International Public Association of FaithfulHome of the Mother

Intervention of Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko

Granting of the Decree

Pontifical Council for the Laity

Rome, June 21st, 2010

Dear friends of the Home of the Mother:

I wish with my first words to welcome each and every one of you who have come in great number to the Pontifical Council for the Laity from the diverse parts of the world where your association is present.

RylkoA very cordial greeting is extended to your Founder and President, the Reverend Father Rafael Alonso Reymundo, whom I thank for the words that he has uttered.

The act of granting the decree of recognition of a Public International Association of Faithful is always a moment enveloped in great importance as much for the association itself as for the Pontifical Council for the Laity.  On the one hand, a group of faithful finds confirmed by the Apostolic See its right to associate to foment a more perfect Christian life and to develop activities of evangelization.  On the other hand, this is a way by which this dicastery accomplishes its task to promote in the Church the active and responsible participation of the faithful in associations, a mission that has been entrusted to it by the Roman Pontiff.

In the passage from the gospel of St. Luke we have heard again the mystery of the Incarnation of Christ.  We are talking here about a narration with a formidable density of content.  Every expression carries with it a surprising depth of significance.

The incarnation of the Son of God entails diverse realities: the virginity of Mary who conceives Jesus in her most pure womb and that the Child is true man by virtue of being Son of Mary and is at the same time Son of God.  Every day at the hour of the Angelus Christians have the opportunity to relive these truths contained in this great mystery of faith.

The repercussion of the Mary’s yes must be seen in the context of the history of humanity.  The Fathers and the Tradition of the Church have continuously highlighted it.  In the Dogmatic Constitution concerning the Church, Lumen Gentium, from the Vatican Council II, we find this citation of St. Ireneus of Lyons, who affirms that, “The knot of the disobedience of Eve was untied by the obedience of Mary.  What the virgin Eve bound by incredulity, the Virgin Mary unbound by faith”.  Mary in effect repaired with her response the disobedience of Eve, thus becoming cause of salvation for the entire human lineage.

salaDear friends, you know well that the Home of the Mother favors your personal sanctification in the following of Christ.  Like all the ecclesial realities, you have been born of the womb of the Church with the end of faithfully serving her.  In your case this will be through the triple mission that characterizes your charism, that is, the defense of the sacrament of the Eucharist, of the honor of Our Mother, the Most Holy Virgin Mary, especially in the privilege of her virginity, and the conquest of the youth for Jesus Christ.  Today I encourage you to live intensely this mission to which you are committed as members of the Home of the Mother.

I know well the interest you show in the Christian formation of the youth.  We are speaking here of an apostolate that Father Rafael your Founder cultivated since the day of his priestly ordination.  As you know, the Pontifical Council for the Laity follows in a particular way everything that concerns pastoral attention to the youth and organizes in collaboration with the particular churches the World Youth Day which has produced so many fruits of holiness and self-giving to Christ, self-giving to God, among young people, ever since it was initiated by the venerable Servant of God John Paul II in 1985.  I trust that I will see you again together with many of your friends in the forthcoming World Youth Day which will take place in Madrid in August of next year, participating in this event of grace together with Pope Benedict XVI. Regarding your ecclesial identity and your particular apostolic activities, it is necessary that you work always in perfect harmony with the Roman Pontiff and the pastors of the particular churches.  In this way you will always be faithful and efficacious announcers of the Good News.

SalaToday a new phase in the history of your association commences, in which your bonds with the Holy See are intimately tightened.  The statutes by which the Home of the Mother is ruled are approved “ad experimentum” for an initial period of five years.  Once this period is completed and you have reflected on the experience acquired during this time, you will request of the dicastery its definitive approval.

With heartfelt congratulations I turn to Our Mother Mary to ask Her to guide your steps constantly and to intercede always for the service you give to the Church.  My thanks to all of you. 

Spontaneous words of His Eminence at the end of the ceremony  

This is a special day, in a particular way for you.  It is a milestone along the way of your history, this important seal that the Church has given to your way, to your charism, to your itinerary of apostolate and of formation.  From today onward you can continue your path with greater certainty that the Church is with you, that what you do, you do in the Church.  It’s not a private matter; it is to fulfill the mission that the Church has entrusted to you.

I would like to thank particularly your Founder for the words he has pronounced. The first word that has grabbed my attention is that of joy; joy at the gift received because this recognition is a gift, is a sign of confidence on the part of the Church.  The Church trusts you, trusts the way that you are following.  He also pronounced in his discourse two other extremely important words: the word “responsibility” and the word “fidelity”.

aprobacion3The gift of our life, the gift that proceeds from God, has to produce on our part a greater commitment, a more generous commitment to the service that the Church entrusts to us.  So, joy yes, but joy that is transformed into a greater commitment.  It is a greater responsibility not to waste this gift.

And then the word “fidelity”.  This word is particularly valid today in a world that is confused and in which relativism reigns, a world in which one says yes one day and then no another.  What a need there is among the disciples of Christ for fidelity!  Fidelity to Christ, to his Word, fidelity therefore to the Church and to its Magisterium, to all that the Church asks of us, that the Church awaits of us.

So, keep these three important words in your heart just as the Gospel says of the Virgin that She kept the things and the events in which She participated and meditated upon them in her heart.  Keep these words: the joy of your service to the Church, to Christ, to the Virgin.  May your service be a service always full of joy, may it always be responsible service and may your service, like that of Mary, be always a faithful service.

Many congratulations.  May your movement grow, develop and bear many fruits, especially and in a particular way insofar as concerns the formation of the younger generations.  You already have a very important task to take on in the upcoming World Youth Day which will take place in Madrid in 2011.  When we go to Madrid we will look for and see among the young people the letters and name of your movement; will you be there or not?

Many congratulations again and we’ll see you in Madrid next year.

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