Blessed Virgin Mary (Stained Glass)
Chapel of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother
Zurita, Cantabria (Spain).

The intention of our stained glass windows is to help place oneself in the presence of God and to lead the soul to prayer.  They are like the icons in that they open ‘windows’ to the eternal. The designs are done in such away so that whoever enters into the chapel may feel they’re before Jesus, at the feet of Mary, or experience a desire for a more intense prayer life.  It is not just a question of having an image of Mary, but that this image helps us take on her same dispositions.

This window reminds us of the apparitions of Mary to St. Catherine Laboure. As she herself tells us, when the Blessed Virgin Mary visited her, she knelt before her with her hands on Mary’s knees: “I spent the sweetest moments of my life there, it is impossible for me to express what I felt.”

It is an invitation to continually grow closer to Our Blessed Mother, with childlike trust.

In the stained glass window, Mary is pregnant. As the Servant Sister gets closer to Mary she also gets closer to Jesus, who is in Mary’s womb.

The time of Mary’s pregnancy is a call to deepen our interior life.

It also reminds us of the mystery of Visitation. “How is it that the Mother of my Lord should come to me?” Our Lady communicates Her Son’s blessing to the soul of John the Baptist and to us all.

The rays of light behind Our Lady all converge on her womb, because Jesus is the center of her life and ours.

The Servant Sister is dressed like Our Lady, because when she contemplates her, she becomes more like her.

The words read: “Trust and Patience”. It is what Mary asks of us.


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