Servant Priests and BrothersS.H.M.


We have three missions in the Church:


1) The Defense of the Eucharist

This defense is carried out by:
- Believing what the Church believes and has always believed
- Promoting its worship and devotion
- Encouraging the active and conscious participation of the faithful in the Eucharistic celebrations
- Forming ourselves through study and meditation in the knowledge of this mystery
- Loving it and making it loved

2) The Defense of the Honor of Our Mother, especially in the privilege of her Virginity

- Mary is the Mother, Model, and Teacher of the Servant Priests and Brothers of the Home of the Mother.
- We must defend all of her privileges and titles, which have Christ as their center, especially her virginal integrity, which is guaranteed by Tradition and Scripture.  We must do so in and with our lives.

3) The Conquest of the Youth for Jesus Christ

- This is our primary, but not exclusive, apostolate.jóvenes
- We fundamentally direct our offerings, oblation, and prayer towards this intention.
- We wish to increase their love for Christ in the Eucharist and for the Mother of God and our Mother, so that, through the church, they may grow closer to Jesus Christ, who is the source of the happiness which their hearts desire. “Lord, you have made us for You and our hearts are restless until they rest in You” (St. Augustine, Confessions).


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