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Fr. Rafael
The Servant Priests and Brothers form part of the family of the Home of the Mother, a humble plant of the Church which is based on the Gospel and the charism which it has received from its founder, Fr. Rafael Alonso.

We consider ourselves to have been chosen by God through the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, we are hers.  We were founded under the papacy of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, on whose papal shield, with a blue background and at the base of a golden cross, is Mary’s anagram and the motto “Totus Tuus”, which means “all yours.”  The Home of the Mother identifies itself with this motto, experiencing that we belong entirely to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and have been chosen by her.  We can never forget who we are, by the active will of God our Father, who continues each day to fulfill his plan until its eventual completion.  The Lord, when he thought of the Home of the Mother, also thought of those who, throughout time, would compose it.  God created us together, he thought of us together; God wants us to be a community, and more than that, a family, Home of the Mother.

Fr. JosephWe live a spirituality of identification with Jesus Christ and transformation in Him, through the Heart of Mary.  It’s a spirituality of sanctuary, that is, of making our souls exclusive sanctuaries of God.  It’s a spirituality of being the Lord’s gift to his Mother, living out our consecration to Mary, belonging completely to Her.  It is a Carmelite spirituality in its double dimension: (1) union with God, reached through the “nothings,” putting creatures aside to wholly seek God, and (2) fidelity to the Pope, to the Church and to the charism which we’ve received.  We live this double dimension placing ourselves under the maternal protection of the Scapular, of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  It is a spirituality of trust, of abandonment into Mary’s hands and of complete openness to the will of God, manifested through obedience to our legitimate superiors.

CommunityThe defining characteristics of the Servant Priests and Brothers must be true joy, unity between us, and unselfish love of the Church.


Given that the Eucharist is our first mission and given our state as priests or aspirants to the priesthood, we also try to bring to reality the words of John Paul II: “The Holy Mass is the absolute centre of my life and of my whole day.” In the sacramental representation of the sacrifice of Christ, we try to offer ourselves every day with Him, Priest and Victim, to the Father for the salvation of men.



With Pope Benedict XVI

Fidelity to the Pope is one of the characteristics of our recently founded Institute. Fidelity to the Pope and to the Magisterium of the Church in matters of dogma and morality, and fidelity to the liturgical norms. In a Church in which, sadly, so many unjust criticisms of Christ’s Vicar on earth can be heard, it is all the more necessary that we openly manifest our total allegiance to him and to all the Magisterium. Our institute began at the tomb of St. Peter and we wish to be faithful to Peter. Only in him do we have the guarantee of the truth. The Magisterium is not something that restricts our freedom; it is a luminous lantern that shines in the midst of the confusion that envelopes us, a sure path that leads us to the Truth.


Mary, Our Mother

Fr. PeterAs the male branch of the H.M.Y. was born with St. John at the foot of the Cross, the Servant Brothers wish to develop this fact in their life. Manifesting the maternity of Mary belongs to the very essence of our charism; she is our Mother.

The Lord gave her to us from the Cross as a beautiful testament of his love. It is not without significance that St. John, who had the good fortune to receive her as a representative of all men and women, was a priest. We wish to live out in our priestly and religious life this tender relationship with our Mother. 

Our confidence lies in belonging to Mary, in being shaped and molded by her. She is close to us, she takes care of us, she protects us, she guides us. She, Mother of the One Priest, teaches us to be priests; to offer her Son to the Father with the same love with which she offered Him in her heart when she was at the foot of the cross.

She remains at the foot of the cross of each one of her sons, accompanying them in their priestly ministry.

We want her maternal Heart to be the fire that gives warmth to our Community. We want her to live in us and among us.

Life of Union with God

Fr. JuanThe Servant Priests and Brothers of the Home of the Mother want to live on the Eucharist. We thus celebrate Mass every day, with the intention to live it in vital union with Jesus Christ, sharing in His mystery of self-gift and obedience to the Father.

Every day we have an hour of adoration before the Eucharist and half an hour of mental prayer in the evening.

On Thursday nights, we have turns of adoration before Christ in the Eucharist, contemplating the mystery of the institution of the Eucharist and the priesthood, uniting ourselves to Christ’s love and suffering in Gethsemane.

As a sign of our filial union with Mary, Our Mother, and of our belonging to her, we pray the Rosary every day. We try to imitate her interior dispositions before God and her collaboration in the work of human salvation.
PrayingWe pray the Liturgy of the Hours to praise God in the name of the Church.

We frequently receive the Sacrament of Penance, in order to live a constant effort of conversion and sincere search for holiness.

Silence is of great importance for the cultivation of union with God.  We have time of silence each day from after praying Vespers until after adoration the next morning.  Silence allows the Lord to speak to our hearts and protects us from spiritual dispersion.

During meals we have spiritual reading. The lives of the saints or other spiritual authors are nourishment for our souls and their examples of fidelity to Christ encourage us constantly.

Every year we have a week of Spiritual Exercises in silence and every month we have a day of retreat.


Community Life

CommunityThe Servant Brothers are united by a common calling from God to live the same charism, in a common ecclesial consecration and with a common response, which surges forth from the participation in the experience of the Spirit lived and transmitted by the Founder and their mission within the Church.

Our community, Cenacle of charity, must be built under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary. She wishes to live in us and among us. Her maternal protection creates our fraternity.

Community MeetingCommunity life offers the advantage of great stability, fraternity at the service of Christ, freedom of spirit strengthened by obedience, and a doctrine that, as shown by experience, leads to perfection. Unity of heart and soul, of ideas and feelings is essential to community life. This unity is a symbol of Christ’s coming and is a source of strong apostolic zeal.

Community life, which prefigures the heavenly city and the glory of the Resurrection, is essential to the Servant Priests and Brothers. We ourselves are not its final end or goal, but rather the end is found in the Church and all mankind. Prayer is what safeguards communion and the community.

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