YouthThe Home of the Mother of the Youth is a group of Christian youth that has begun in the Church and is at her service. Their goal is to follow Jesus Christ and fulfill their three missions:the Defense of the Eucharist, the Defense of the Honor of Our Mother, especially in the privilege of her virginity and the conquest of the youth for Jesus Christ.

Diana Reyes, 25 years old

Guayaquil, Ecuador 2017

diana1 What are you studying? Medicine.

How would you describe yourself?  Cheerful, friendly but at the same time shy, forgetful, and spacey. 

How would you like to die?  Of course I want to be in a state of grace and it would be good if I could purge my sins here on earth.

Are you afraid of death? I am afraid when I know that I'm living in mortal sin and haven't gone to confession.

What virtue do you consider to be the most necessary? Obedience.

What do you expect from life? I thought that a couple of months ago I knew, but now I'm a bit confused. But what hasn't changed is that I want to be a great Doctor. 

What is hope? The desire to obtain what you propose. As they say, "hope is the last to die."

Is it necessary to have hope?  Of course! If not, we would become bitter and discouraged and that would be terrible. 

In what do you place your hope?  Definitely in God.

Do you think that it is easy or difficult to despair?  Easy. Things never turn out like I thought and it happens a lot in my studies. 

Do young people think a lot or a little today?  A little. We are so immersed in our studies and activities that you never seem to have time to think.diana2

Do you consider yourself to be a person with a lot of imagination? Ha, ha, ha. Yes, that's the reason behind why I'm so spacey.

What would you change about the world? Sin.

What do you like about the world?  People. I think that all of us have something that makes us special.

What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned in your life? That giving up is not an option. You have to fight until the end. If not, it would be better for you to not do anything.

Does suffering help you to mature? Why? Yes, because it helps you become stronger if you always know how to see it as a means of overcoming yourself.


What has made you suffer the most? Medicine.

What has given you the most joy? Seeing that my catechism classes are going well always makes me want to be better.

Is it true that the more you give, the more you receive? Yes and too much. So much so that you feel like you’re going to explode.

Where do you find meaning in your life? In prayer. I think that to decide anything you should first consult the Boss.

What would you say to a young person who doesn’t think that their life has meaning? That we are all alive for a reason. We aren’t the product of chance. We are here because of something that is true and even if you haven’t discovered it, you will soon.

What would you never do? Eat crickets and worms, pull out my hair one by one… I don’t know – a lot of things.

What’s the best thing that’s happened in your life? To be born where I was born. Thanks to that, I know God which is the best thing I have in my life.

And the worst thing that could happen to you? That I forget about God and live in the world without meaning and in sadness.

What would you like to say to the Lord right now? That I have fallen in love with Him, but that He help me to love Him more every day, and I thank Him for the million blessings that He has given me.

Finish the Phrase:

To be at peace I need to…breathe deeply, pray and read a lot.
If I could… fly, I would go everywhere in the world.
With my heart in my hand I would say to you…there’s no greater joy than to live in grace.
As for my Guardian Angel…we get along well and he does a great job because I’m still alive.
I don’t agree with… abortion.
I will spend my youth… gaining spiritual strength to be able to fight in my old age.
At the end of my life I will say… I can finally hug you Jesus.
I would fill my spiritual backpack…with perseverance and faith.
I will search without end… for my holiness.

Answer with one word.

Heaven: Goal.
Hell: Sin.
Purgatory: I hope no.
Mary: Mother.
Camp: Conversion.
Studies: Overcoming.
You: Girl.
God: Everything.
World: Home.
Home: Love.
Joy: Living.
Friends: Smile.

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

Sr. Clare Continues Among “The Saints Next Door”

A year ago Sr. Clare was invited to partake in the exposition “Young Witness of the Faith, the Saints Next Door.”

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