YouthThe Home of the Mother of the Youth is a group of Christian youth that has begun in the Church and is at her service. Their goal is to follow Jesus Christ and fulfill their three missions:the Defense of the Eucharist, the Defense of the Honor of Our Mother, especially in the privilege of her virginity and the conquest of the youth for Jesus Christ.

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15 years-old

Does your life have meaning?
Yes, my life has meaning. I know that I am loved by Someone Who loves me INFINITELY and in return I live to love.

Do you fight to live or do you live to fight?
Well, I would say both. My life is a battlefield and I have to fight to win Eternal Life. But I also live to be able to fight and defend what is right as a Soldier of Christ and Our Lady.

Do you live or just survive?
I live. My reason for living is that Christ died for me, so now I must live for Him and one day also die for Him.

What is the most difficult thing that God could ask of you?
The most difficult thing God could ask of me is to endure the suffering of my mother again, like when she had cancer. I do not want to go through that or see her like that again.

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What is your favorite prayer?
My favorite prayer is simply saying, ‘I love You,’ to Jesus and Mary throughout the day, as often as I can remember to.

Is it true that the more you give, the more you receive?
I believe that is true. Although, you cannot just give to receive; you have to just give without wanting anything in return. The graces you can receive for doing this are many.

At the end of your life, if you could look back, what would you want it to look like?
I would like to look back and see that it had been a selfless and generous life, and that I had never denied Our Lord anything that He might have asked of me.

Are young people free?
Yes, young people are free; we are all free! However, sometimes we young people imprison ourselves in our passions, and it becomes so dark we cannot see that the door is wide open and on the other side, Jesus and Our Lady are there ready to guide us out of the dark and into the light.

Who is Our Lady for you?
Our Lady to me is my teacher, my mother, and my guide.

Where do you find peace?
I find peace in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

What would you never do?
I would never take my life.

How does a person mature?
A person matures by growing up and learning how to act in prudent, patient, and just ways.

Is it necessary to mature as a person?
Yes, it is necessary to mature as a person, because if people do not mature, they will never be able to determine what is right or wrong, when to stand up or to be silent, etc.

Does suffering help to mature? Why?
valeria merkt 320 2Suffering helps to mature because it teaches a person to persevere and be patient. It also teaches one a lot about the value of life.

What has made you suffer the most?

When members of my family have fallen and are falling away from the Faith.

What is the best thing that has happened in your life?
The best thing that ever happened in my life was that I said ‘YES’ to God and entered as an Aspirant of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother.

What is the best thing about your life?
The best thing about my life is that I have two loving families: my natural family and the Home.

What does it mean to “open your heart to God”
To “open your heart to God” means to surrender yourself completely to God, letting Him do with you what He wants.

What does it mean to close your heart to God?To close your heart to God means to shut Him out of your life and show to Him that you do not love Him, want Him, or need Him.

What does it mean to give of yourself?
To give of yourself means to deny yourself and be ready and attentive to help the people around you.

Is it possible to be a saint?
Yes, it is possible! That is why Jesus died on the cross for us. We just have to fight and want to become saints, and do the will of God, whatever it may be.

Do you think holiness is for everyone?
I do think holiness is for everybody, but it does not happen overnight. Every day has to be a constant battle to be and to do good.

What would you like to say to the Lord if you saw Him right now?
If I saw the Lord right now, I would probably first run into His arms and then I would say, “I love You, my Jesus! Have mercy on me, a sinner!”

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Complete the Sentence



The greatest thing about man is...the gift of having the Holy Eucharist.
I will seek without end... to do the will of God and not my own!
I would give up...everything for the sake of Christ.
My greatest desire is... to forever belong totally to the Crucified.
I apologize each time that...I have been disobedient to my parents.
It is hard for be organized.

Respond with One Word:

You: Sinner
Friends: Encouraging
America: Country
Work: Good
Eucharist: Love
Hope: Virtue
Path: Narrow
God: Life

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