Lay Members of the Home of the Mother (L.H.M.)The goal of the Lay Members is to reach holiness for the glory of God, under the maternal protection of Mary. This vocation is born within the Church of the service of the Church. The principles by which they are guided spring forth from the mystery of Christ and His Gospel, as the Church believes, interprets and preaches.



The Lay Members of the Home of the Mother have three specific missions: the defense of the Eucharist; the defense of the honor of Our Mother, especially in the privilege of her virginity; the conquest of the youth for Jesus Christ.

The Home of the Mother is a spiritual family, which does not define itself by what it does, but by its unique character and charism within the Church.  The Lay Members of the Home of the Mother are open to any form of apostolate, with a special focus on those that fulfill the Home´s particular missions.

The Eucharist

Each community of the Lay Members of the Home of the Mother should try to live the Home´s first mission – the defense of the Eucharist – wherever they find themselves.  The Eucharist is the soul of their apostolate.  They work to make the Lord better know and more loved in the Blessed Sacrament.  In order to awaken this love, they collaborate and promote adoration, prayer, and teach about the Most Holy Eucharist. reunion-virgen


The Lay Members help people to get to know Mary, the Mother of God and Our Mother, so that she may be better loved and honored by her children.  They want to be a reflection of Mary´s maternal love for mankind, so that people can experience her real presence.  Taking as a model the Holy Family in Nazareth, they learn to build a true Home, deepening their life of prayer, growing in maturity through a life of virtue, especially joy, charity, humility, patience, working hard…

The Youth

The conquest of the Youth for Jesus Christ should be a fundamental part of the Lay Member´s apostolate.  They should feel the need to help young people discover that Christ is their greatest treasure.


In order to fulfill these missions, they will use all valid means within their reach:

- They will organize apostolic activities for young people, such as pilgrimages, summer encounters, spiritual exercises, catechism classes, retreats, get-togethers, etc.

- They will commit themselves to carry out works of mercy and charity.  In particular, they will defend life in all its forms and the dignity of every human being.

-  They will help promote projects like shelters, residencies, houses, youth centers, cooperatives, schools, hospitals, help centers for the poor and marginalized of society, and so on.

- In order to spread the Gospel message, they will collaborate with the radio, editorial work, television, and webpage.

The apostolate of the Lay Members of the Home should be cultivated through prayer and love for God and for all mankind.  Their lives should be an eloquent and genuine witness through determined holiness, a well-rooted faith, ardent charity, and a firm hope in God´s promises.

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