Lay Members of the Home of the Mother (L.H.M.)The goal of the Lay Members is to reach holiness for the glory of God, under the maternal protection of Mary. This vocation is born within the Church of the service of the Church. The principles by which they are guided spring forth from the mystery of Christ and His Gospel, as the Church believes, interprets and preaches.

conchita885Santander - Spain

Although I do not remember the date, I do know that Mamie and Father Rafael were the first ones to speak to me about the Home. Mamie would tell me about the group of young people that would meet in Toledo. She loved to talk about them and she did so with joy, with enthusiasm, and it seemed to me that she loved them a lot. She looked forward to me meeting them. Whenever they would come to Santander, she would let me know so that I could come to her house and join them for their meeting. I remember that they were friendly and joyful. I was surprised that, being so young, they didn’t complain when it was time to pray or to talk about religious topics. Whenever I was with them, I saw that they always obeyed Fr. Rafael and Mamie without protesting. I don’t ever remember them complaining or arguing. It seemed like they got along with one another well. They were like a family. What I noticed most was their unity and their joy; they always seemed willing to laugh. On one occasion, Mamie asked me my opinion about the way the youth meetings were led. When I answered her, she told me that she was happy because what I had said was precisely what they had set out to do.


One summer they invited me to go on a trip to Rome. Mamie and Father insisted that I go, but I didn’t want to. I think that it was during that trip that the Home of the Mother of the Youth was founded. Despite having known the Home from the very beginning, it took me many years before I asked to be admitted to the Home. But I can say that it has greatly helped me in my Christian life.

Whenever I look at the years gone by, I am always left surprised and am filled with affection at seeing how something so small and apparently unimportant, as the Home was when it was born, has now grown so much. God takes care of it with great affection. I am always surprised to see how God has opened so many hearts of all those who have come close to the Home to grace, and has filled so many people with a spiritual joy. For me, this is a miracle that God has desired to do through Our Mother’s intercession. I hope that He will continue to do so as long as we are faithful.

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

On the Official Guayaquil Archdiocese Radio Station

On «¡Joven, levántate!» on Radio Santiago youth members and sisters gathered around the microphones to speak about Sr. Clare.

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