Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother S.H.M.

Our history: The Home of the Mother Begins - 1982


One of the fruits of the apostolate of Fr. Rafael Alonso Reymundo, a diocesan priest from Toledo (Spain), was the commitment made by six young women, on July 29th, 1982, at the tomb of St. Peter in Rome, as a sign of their fidelity to the Pope and their desire to serve the Church. They made a commitment to live a profound Christian life, with total openness to God’s will.  With this commitment, the Home of the Mother of the Youth (HMY) began...

Thus, these first six girls formed the base of the apostolic group, “The Home of the Mother of the Youth,” with these missions: the defense of the Eucharist, the defense of the honor of Our Mother, especially in the privilege of her Virginity, and the conquest of the youth for Christ.

2In December 1983, the masculine branch of the youth group also began.
The Home of the Mother of the Youth, formed by both girls and boys of various ages, began to mature and grow.

Some of the girls felt called to live the charism and missions of the Home through a total consecration of their lives.

The Servant Sisters Begin - 1984


On September 22nd, 1984, four young women began to live in silence this new experience of consecrated life: “The Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother.” For five years they lived in an apartment in Madrid with other young women while completing their university studies and maturing in what they desired to live.


In July 1988, Fr. Rafael Alonso Reymundo, at the time a Geography and History teacher, with the written permission of his bishop, transferred to a teaching position in a high school in Santander. There, he providentially met Fr. Jeremias Rodriguez Pastrana, C.P., then the Episcopal Delegate for the Religious Sisters of Active Life in the Diocese of Santander. Fr. Rafael told him of the young people who had begun living this new form of consecrated life. Fr. Jeremias encouraged him to present the Statutes for approval and urged him to have the young people move to the Diocese of Santander, something which they did on January 24, 1989.

A few months later, Fr. Carlos Osoro Sierra, then Vicar General of the Diocese and currently Archbishop of Madrid, and Fr. Jeremias celebrated Mass and placed the Holy Eucharist for the first time in the Tabernacle of the apartment where they were temporarily living.

A Decisive Step: Vows in the Virgin Mary´s House - 1989

5The 8th of September 1989, the first three Servant Sisters made private vows for three years before the Episcopal Delegate for Religious Sisters of Active Life, Fr. Jeremias Rodriguez Pastrana, with express oral permission from the Bishop of Santander, Bishop Juan Antonio del Val Gallo.


Gradually they were joined by other girls who wanted to share this new way of life.

The desire of a total consecration also arose from within the male youth branch, and September 8, 1990, the Servant Priests and Brothers of the Home of the Mother began.

The Church Officially Approves Us - 1994


As we awaited the Church’s approval, the Servant Brothers were received in the Diocese of Cuenca (Spain) in 1994, following a meeting with the bishop of Cuenca, Bishop Jose Guerra Campos. Their foundation was established in Priego (Cuenca). The parish priest there asked them if they might know of some religious sisters who could run a small residence for elderly people. They spoke to him of the Servant Sisters, and after a few meetings, the Sisters founded a community in Priego, in October 1994.  They presented their statutes to the bishop, His Excellency José Guerra Campos, who approved them as a 'Public Association of Faithful, Religious Institute in Formation' on the 8th of December, 1994. After Fr. Jeremias Rodriguez Pastrana, Episcopal Delegate for Religious Sisters of Active Life, was reassigned to Mieres (Asturias), the diocese of Santander took no further steps towards an official approval.



Since then, the number of vocations have increased and new houses have been opened, so that now there are more than a hundred Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother from eleven different countries: USA, Spain, Ecuador, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Nicaragua, Mexico, Czech Republic, England and Singapore. We have 15 communities, eight in Spain, three in Italy, one in the U.S. and three in Ecuador.

In each of our communities we carry out different apostolates and activities. Visit our community page.

Updated on November 25, 2016

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