Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother S.H.M.


- - The Defense of the Eucharist

- The Defense of the Honor of Our Mother,
especially in the privilege of her Virginity

- The Conquest of the Youth for Jesus Christ.


- We have received the mission to defend the Eucharist as the treasure of love of our Spouse, Jesus Christ. And for this reason we commit ourselves with the vow of defending the Eucharist in and with our life.


- Mary is our model , mother, and teacher. We experience her very close, living amongst us. We as well take a 5th vow of defending all of her privileges and offices, in and with our life, especially Her virginal integrity.


- The conquest of the youth for Jesus Christ is our primary, but not exclusive, apostolate.

The prinicple method which we use to bring the youth closer to the Lord is to bring them in contact with the Eucharist and with the Virgin Mary. We form ourselves in the difficult art of spiritual direction to help them to discern what it is that God wants from each one of them.


Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

Sr. Clare on Radio Maria Ireland on February 6, 2019

Our sisters at Mitchelstown, Ireland, granted an interview to Radio Maria Ireland in Dublin on February 6, 2019. They spoke about the Home of the Mother and our missions in the Church, but they spoke most of all about Sr. Clare Crockett, surely the most famous Irish nun in the world.



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