Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother S.H.M.


Mother Ana

- The Servant Sister of the Home lives a spirituality of identification with Jesus Christ and transformation in Him, from the womb of the Virgin Mary.

- We also have a spirituality of sanctuary. In other words, we procure that our soul be a sanctuary exclusively of God, wherein the alliance with Our Lord and with Mary is established, where she can establish her throne, distribute her treasures, and work miracles of grace.

Virgin Mary

- The Servant Sister, furthermore, disposes herself to become the Gift of Our Lord for His Mother. Our Mother becomes for us a model of the gift for the Lord and for this reason we must imitate her interior dispositions and attitudes of donation, of charity, and of abandonment in the hands of God.

- We have a Carmelite spirituality. That is, the union with God through the “nothings” of St. John of the Cross, so that we may be a manifestation of the glory of God. This emptying of self is in order to fill oneself with God and let Him work in us. Following the example of the prophet Elijah, we want to be obedient to the Holy Spirit in a spontaneous and conscious manner, at all cost, being faithful and safeguarding the Covenant with the only True God and the reestablishment of the purity of the faith, even if it implies death.

Servant Sisters-As a unique characteristic of this spirituality, we wish to imitate the virtues of the Virgin Mary, centering our devotion in imitation of and intimacy with the Virgin.

- Another characteristic of our spirituality is to live in trust, in abandonment to God and total availability, always being disposed to go wherever the Lord sends us through obedience.

The Servant Sisters of the Home are a spiritual family that is not defined by its work but by its being, in agreement with its charism within the Church.

With Pope Benedict XVIOur three Characteristics

The Servant Sisters make every effort to be recognized for these three characteristics:
- true joy
- unity with our Sisters
- selfless love for the Church


Community Life

CommunityThe community life, that prefigures the city of heaven and the glory of the resurrection, is essential in the Servant Sisters. It should not have us as its end in itself, but rather the Church and all men.

Our community, Cenacle of charity, has to be constructed under the breath of the Holy Spirit and the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary. The atmosphere in which the community life grows is in that of charity, which recognizes that we are a fraternal communion and a communion of love.


One of the most important aspects of our community life is silence, which is not just to stay quiet in order to empty oneself but rather to remain silent in order to listen to God and to unite ourselves more to Him. The Servant Sisters keep silence from the time of Vespers in the evening until the following morning after prayer. During meals we have spiritual reading apart from the half hour of personal reading that we also have as a community.

Every morning we do an hour of mental prayer with the Blessed Sacrament exposed and a half an hour in the evening. We pray the Rosary daily and, on feast-days of Our Blessed Mother and the evening before, we pray it with greater solemnity. On Thursday nights we do turns of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, uniting ourselves to the sufferings of Jesus Christ in his Passion. Similarly, wherever we go, we try to introduce - or to recover in many cases - the Holy Hours in the parishes, with the conviction that God is alive, is effective, and continues to convert people. Our main task is to bring everyone, from children to adults, to adoration of the Eucharist. The Lord himself will take care of the rest. Every month we have a day of retreat and every year, Spiritual Exercises in solitude and silence.

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