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    Carlo Acutis and Alexia González

    By Sr. Ana Mª Cabezuelo, S.H.M.

    Holiness knows no age, nor is it measured in physical dimensions of height, weight, etc, but by the degree to which we allow Christ to transform us from within. Proof of this is the host of young men and women whose heroic lives have become an example of what it means to be Christian.

  • Are Compatible


    By Félix Sánchez

    “In this business, the values of have been clearly lived out. With them, the company has not only achieved bettering their economic situation, Catholic Social Doctrine but also has been able to achieve a family environment of trust and of spreading the Gospel.”


    By Sr. Paqui Morales, S.H.M.

    "I don’t like this world.” Maybe I’ve repeated this sentence too much recently. Thanks be to God, in the end, hope opened the way.


    By Sr. Beatriz Liaño, S.H.M.

    I remember that Pino was a very tall man. I had to look really high up to speak with him. It has been over twelve years since I got to know him and have only seen him two or three times, but I have never forgotten him. Until this day I still pray for him and his family.

  • hv885

    By Sr. Estela Morales, S.H.M.

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae. Today, discordant voices seem to rise up once again against this prophetic document, whose author refused to give in to the demands of the sexual revolution and the contraception market originated in the United States.


    maxkolbeBy  Fr. Felix López, SHM

    On August 14, 1941, St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe, Conventual Franciscan and Martyr of Charity, died in the concentration camp of Auschwitz. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the heroic offering of his life, by taking the place of a fellow prisoner who was condemned to die of hunger. In the following article, we would like to summarize his life and apostolate, by concentrating on a few testimonies of those who lived with him during the last months of his life. These testimonies permit us to discover his greatness of soul, his heroic charity, and his unconditional love for the Immaculate, all of which were the source of the final oblation of his life.

  • entrevistahm 885ing

    "Building the Civilization of Love"

    Learn how HM Television became involved in spreading the truth about the persecuted Church. Through the Wake Up Project and other initiatives, HM Television gives a voice to souls who fight every day for their faith and help other people to live their faith with greater conviction and courage.

  • Changing Tracks


    José María Zavala is an acclaimed Spanish journalist and author of over 30 books. His most recent work, co-authored by his wife Paloma, is entitled, “Un Juego de Amor” (A Game of Love). In it, the couple offers a beautiful testimony of their conversion, as well as their difficult path up until marriage.

    The following is an extract from his story taken from the HM Television program “Changing Tracks,” available at

  • After Calvary Comes the Resurrection


    We now share with you an excerpt of a conversion story taken from the program: “Changing Tracks” from HM Television. You can also find other impacting conversion stories in the book: “Changing Tracks. From Darkness to Light.” Both can be accessed by visiting the following link:

  • sorhelena885

    By Sr. Beatriz Liaño, SHM

    In previous issues, we spoke about Jeanne, more commonly known as Jeannot: Mamie’s only sister who, upon joining the Sisters of Charity, took the name of Sr. Helena. As far as their character goes, Mamie and Jeannot were as different as night and day. The first was very shy, the second extremely outgoing, but both incredibly generous and with a great capacity to give of themselves.


    maxkolbeBy Sr. Beatriz Liaño, SHM

    Josefina came to know the love of the Lord and Our Lady through Mamie. On May 19th, 2016, Josefina Rossi passed away. She was a close, faithful friend of Mamie, as well as the Home of the Mother. It was the day in which Spain celebrates the feast day of Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest. In this section of the HM Magazine, dedicated to getting to know Mamie more and more, we would like to take a break and speak about Josefina. Even though this means postponing stories about Mamie’s life, Josefina deserves it.

  • mamie885

    By Sr. Beatriz Liaño, SHM

    Mamie wrote a letter on November 23, 1955 to her sister, Sister Helena, a Daughter of Charity working at the time as a missionary in the Belgian Congo. Each line of the letter expresses her profound emotion as she opens her heart to her sister. The woman we know today as Mamie, “Lisette” (from Elizabeth) for her friends and relatives, had recently taken an important step in her faith journey.

  • By Sr. Beatriz Liaños, SHM


    In a recent conversation with a friend of ours who is a doctor, we discussed the apparent increase of "rare diseases" that seem to be the "plague" of our modern world. This doctor is a prestigious nenatologist with over 30 years of experience, someonoe who knows what he is talking about. He expressed his concern, mentioning the fact that the hospital where he works has tripled its pediatric oncology medical team over the course of the last twenty years given that the incidence of childhood cancer, especially leukemia, is on the rise.According to this doctor, on average a case of leukemia is diagnosed "once a month and sometimes once a week."The conversation would definitely have proved most interesting, had it not been interrupted. I must admit, I had several more questions on my list for him.

  • santeodotodeanciraBy Fr. Felix López, SHM

    “Tu hai dato alla luce il Principio che non ha principio, un bambino anteriore a tutte le età, Figlio della Vergine, l’Eterno che si nutre nel Tuo seno; Colui che è più antico di Sua Madre…”

  • martiresjapon885 2

    Know your Martyrs

    By Sr. Elvira Garro, S.H.M.

    “If I must apostatize to live, I do not want life.”

  • protoevangelioBy Fr. Felix López, SHM

    Even though this section is dedicated to the study of Mary in the writings of the Church Fathers, we cannot forget to mention this apocryphal writing which faithfully brings together the common piety of the first Christian generations.

  • sanagustin885By Fr. Félix López, SHM

    "A virgin conceives, yet remains a virgin: a virgin is heavy with child; a virgin brings forth her child, yet she is always a virgin. Why are you amazed at this, O man? It was fitting for God to be born thus when He deigned to become man” (Serm. 186, 1).

  • gregoriomagno2

    By Fr. Félix López, S.H.M.

    Saint Gregory the Great was born in Rome around the year 540 into the heart of a wealthy and noble family that had converted to Christianity. His father, St. Gordianus, held the office of senator and was the brother of St. Trasilla and St. Emiliana, virgins. His mother was St. Silvia, a woman of great piety. And if that were not enough, there were even two popes in his family: Felix III (483-492) and Agapetus I (535-536).

  • maria

    By Fr. Félix López, S.H.M.

    Peter was born in Imola, Italy, around the year 380. He later received his formation from the bishop of the city, Cornelius, whom he had always greatly esteemed. In the year 424 he was elected Bishop of Ravena, a city that was also home to the emperor of the West. Since traces of paganism still remained in his diocese, he strove to [fully] establish the Catholic faith, and worked with such enthusiasm in converting the faithless that when he died, very few non-believers remained in the city.

  • s procloPor P. Felix López, SHM

    “Oh man, go in thought through all of creation and see if there exists something comparable to or greater than the Holy Virgin, Mother of God”

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

A Tribute to Sr. Clare in Costa Rica

Dúo Santa Cecilia (St. Cecilia Duo) sang I Prefer Paradise as a tribute to Sr. Clare on the third anniversary of her death.

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