H.M. MagazineH.M. is a bi-monthly magazine published in English, Spanish and Italian. It includes articles on formation, liturgy, values, with lively interviews and impressive testimonies of faith.

History of the Magazine

November 1984. The "Home of the Mother" magazine, at that time called "Home of Mary," began in Mocejon (Toledo) in the year 1984, with a small group of boys and girls directed by some members of the Home of the Mother Youth.

"Dear friends of our new-born magazine 'Home of Mary'. Faced with the great wave of paganism that is invading us, we do not wish to keep silent any longer and we have decided to take up a pen and a piece of paper and to draw with them our ideas and restlessness..."
Extract from EDITORIAL No. 0.
November 1984.

revistas1By the fourth issue, March 1985, the number of pages of the magazine has increased. We were already making progresss!

There was no shortage of difficulties but it has already been made clear that the Home of the Mother magazine belongs to Our Blessed Mother and it has been Her, without any doubt, who has protected and guided it, and solved the little and bigger problems that have come up along the way. There have always been economic difficulties, some more serious than others, depending on the dimensions of the magazine.

revistas2In 1988, with the 20th issue, the name of our magazine was changed from "Home of Mary" to "Home of the Mother," which has been its name up to this day.

There came a moment in which the economic difficulties worsened. The printing expenses were so high that we simply couldn’t bear them. We had to confront the problem head-on: either we put an end to the H.M. Magazine or we launch ourselves further still by doing ourselves the work that the printing company used to do for us. We couldn’t bear the thought of H.M. disappearing and so we went for the second option. Thanks to this risky step, the H.M. Magazine has continued to this day its work of evangelization. Thanks be to God!

revistas3With Issue No. 44, H.M. began a new era. We began to design the magazine through a computer, for which we had to learn a few new things. Once this step was done, it used to be taken to the printing company, which would scan the photographs and do the rest of the work. After a providential encounter with the manager of a printing company we started to produce the magazine in two colors. In 1995, with issue No. 67, the magazine took another very important step. There was a slight change of paper and four more pages were added. And now we were producing the magazine entirely by ourselves! We had bought an offset machine of very low quality but which enabled us even to produce the cover in two colors.

revistas4In 1997, in No. 76, the magazine began to be translated into Italian. And in No. 77, into English. Hence H.M. spread rapidly to other countries.

In 1999, the magazine witnessed the birth of its "little sister." This was the H.M. for Children, the formative magazine for children, also translated into English and Italian.

Also in 1999, with a lot of effort, we succeeded in buying a new Offset because the previous one, doubled over with the work over the years, was already requesting its well earned retirement.

revistas5The cover of No. 89 was in four colors for the first time.

No. 98 of January-February 2001 required an effort on behalf of all the H.M. team that was almost beyond our strengths.
But we don't regret it. We produced the whole magazine in four colors. All of these transformations have been possible thanks to the economic and spiritual help of so many people.



In February of 2007, HM for Children took on a new form, becoming HM Zoom+. The new style now contains drawings with a greater brightness and vigor, making the contents more attractive to children.

hmmagazine online


In 2008 we began the Online Magazine , to make it more accesible to all readers.

Now all we have to do is keep going and confront with enthusiasm the constant call of the Pope to the evangelization of this world with all the means at our disposal placed in the service of God.

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

She is My Older Sister

Carl : I am converting to Catholicism partly because of Sister Clare Crockett.

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