H.M. MagazineH.M. is a bi-monthly magazine published in English, Spanish and Italian. It includes articles on formation, liturgy, values, with lively interviews and impressive testimonies of faith.

How We Make the Magazine

Ordenador1. The processing of the magazine begins when the articles arrive to the editing staff of H.M... These are then typed into the computer and the next step is that of the designing, the organization of the photos and the text in the format that our readers later see them in their homes.


Ordenador2. Once the photos are chosen and the composition of the pages is established, the instructions are sent from a computer to the filmator machine.


Ordenador3. From this come the photolithos which have to be mounted on a special table so that the four colors can be matched.


Ordenador4. When the photolithos are ready, they are placed in the insolator to be impressed on a metallic sheet or plate. After undergoing a process of revolution, the plates are placed in the Offset machine to perform the task of printing in the four colors.


Ordenador5. Now the technical part of the work is already completed! Next, we assemble and bind the magazine, praying the Rosary as we fold the pages of each and every magazine.


Ordenador6. The next step is to staple the magazine and guillotine the pages with an old machine which bears a striking resemblance to a dinosaur's skeleton.


Ordenador7. We package the magazines with a machine that we have made ourselves. They are placed in plastic bags on which we stick the label with the names and addresses. And now all that remains is to bring it to the post office and to give thanks to God.


Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

On the Official Guayaquil Archdiocese Radio Station

On «¡Joven, levántate!» on Radio Santiago youth members and sisters gathered around the microphones to speak about Sr. Clare.

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