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existencia de Dios

By Fr. Dominic Feehan, S.H.M.

The existence of God is a subject of debate in the philosophy of religion and popular culture. There are a wide variety of arguments for and against the existence of God. The Western tradition of philosophical discussion of the existence of God began with Plato and Aristotle. Other arguments for the existence of God have been proposed by St. Anselm, who formulated the first ontological arguments and St. Thomas Aquinas, who presented his own version of the cosmological argument (the kalam argument). René Descartes said that “the existence of a benevolent God is logically necessary for the evidence of the senses to be meaningful.”

carlos lwanga

Know your martyrs

By Sr. Elvira Mª Garro, S.H.M.

Africa has given to the Church countless saints, martyrs, confessors, and virgins such as St. Augustine, St. Athanasius, St. Cyril, St. Cyprian, the martyrs St. Perpetua and St. Felicity, the Scillitan and Carthaginian martyrs, and martyrs from the Vandal persecution. Along with these, in the nineteenth century we have the Ugandan martyrs Charles Lwanga and his twelve companions. The photograph was taken in the Bukumbi Mission in Tanganyika (Mwanza), in September or October 1885. The 20 future martyrs went to welcome and congratulate the new Bishop of Uganda, Leon Livinhac.


By Sr.Beatriz Liaño, S.H.M.

fr. Segundo Llorente was a Spanish Jesuit. If I had to choose a word to describe him, that word would be “great” , a great missionary. He was born in a village of Leon in Spain, on November 18, 1906. He died on January 26, 1989 in Spokane, Washington, USA. During his life, he spent more than forty years in Alaska, preaching the Gospel to Eskimos. There, during the long, arctic winter nights, he wrote thousands of letters exuding spirituality, love and dedication to Jesus Christ, along with a great sense of humor. Many of his letters have been compiled into engaging books, and if you have not had the chance of reading one, I highly recommend you do so.


Marcel Van

Álvaro Cárdenas Delgado, a priest from the Diocese of Getafe, Spain, has been working for years on the Spanish translation of the Autobiography of Marcel Van, a Vietnamese religious, contemporary of Cardinal Van Thuan. The Spanish translation has recently been released. Here we offer a summary of Marcel Van’s life as presented in this book. His cause for beatification was opened in 1997 by Cardinal Van Thaun and is currently underway.


By Sr. Beatriz Liaño, S.H.M.

I remember that Pino was a very tall man. I had to look really high up to speak with him. It has been over twelve years since I got to know him and have only seen him two or three times, but I have never forgotten him. Until this day I still pray for him and his family.


A gift for Spain and the whole world

By Clara Martínez Gomariz, LHM

Spain has always been a land favored by the Sacred Heart. Numerous apparitions to different Spaniards, some of which occurred even before the previously mentioned apparitions in Paray, are proof of this reality. In fact, the Jesuit, José Eugenio de Uriarte, in the book, The Beginnings of the Kingdom of the Heart of Jesus, published in 1880, lists a series of Spaniards who received inspirations about this devotion , demonstrating the long historical tradition of the Sacred Heart in this country. Among these are found: Sancha de Carrillo, Lady Ana Ponce de León, Venerable Mary of Jesus of Ágreda and Venerable Josefa of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Blessed María Ángela Astorch, and St. Michael of the Saints, just to mention a few.


Believe it!

By Sr. Miriam Loveland, S.H.M.

The First Commandment invites us to recognize God as God and realize that this means that I am not God. If we remember the last article, the Ten Commandments are given to man as a light to illumine our path. They help us to identify both where the cliff is and where the paths are that lead to death and to life.


Know your Martyrs

By Sr. Elvira Garro, SHM

Karl Leisner was born in Rees, Germany on February 28, 1915 and educated in Kleve. From the time of his youth he kept his love for Christ ardently aflame with prayer, the reading of the Word of God, and daily Mass. “Christ, You are my passion,” was written in his diary. As a high school student he joined the Schoenstatt Movement and became an apostle of deep Marian devotion, the same devotion which inspired Fr. Kentenich and the Schoenstatt Movement.


By Sr. Paqui Morales, SHM

“God’s timing is perfect.” This is the way Sarita summarized the day of her First Holy Communion.

Sarita is a 45-year-old woman who has been bedridden for years due to being both blind and paralyzed. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis ten years ago. Her husband chose not to accompany her in her illness and abandoned her, leaving her to care for herself and their two sons, aged four and seven at the time. Her sons have lovingly taken care of her over the course of the years as they have witnessed the progress of their mother’s illness. She was first left bedridden with complete paralysis in her legs and partial paralysis in her arms, and later she lost her sight as well. The boys still go to school and study, but they must also take care of cleaning, cooking, washing the clothes, and attending to their mother.


A gift for Spain and the Whole World

By Clara Martínez Gomariz, LHM

We continue to go through the historical evolution of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, travelling to France during the seventeenth century: the so-called “great century of souls” because of the incredible development it underwent during that time. On a religious level, the growth became evident in several ways, such as the founding of new congregations led by clergy, such as Pierre de Bérulle, St. Vincent de Paul and St. Francis de Sales. St. Francis de Sales started the Visitation Order, directing the religious sisters’ formation towards love of the Word Incarnate, a perfect seed which made the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus grow throughout the world.

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

On the Official Guayaquil Archdiocese Radio Station

On «¡Joven, levántate!» on Radio Santiago youth members and sisters gathered around the microphones to speak about Sr. Clare.

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