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Interviews: Albert Cortina

Albert Cortina is a lawyer and urban planner. He promotes advanced humanism for a society in which emerging biotechnologies are at the service of humanity. Although he dedicated 25 years of his life to territorial planning and wilderness preservation, he currently directs his attention to the preservation of the human condition in the face of transhumanism.

Cortina is author of the book Advanced Humanism for a Biotechnological Society (pub. Teconté). Together with neuroscientist Miguel Angel Serra, he also wrote a trilogy on the same subject: Human or Posthuman? Technological Uniqueness and Human Improvement (pub. Fragmenta); Humanity ∞ . Ethical Challenges of Emerging and Unique Technologies (pub. Eiunsa); Ethics of Emerging Technologies in People with Functional Diversity (pub.Eiunsa).

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"Building the Civilization of Love"

Learn how HM Television became involved in spreading the truth about the persecuted Church. Through the Wake Up Project and other initiatives, HM Television gives a voice to souls who fight every day for their faith and help other people to live their faith with greater conviction and courage.


Interview with Fr. Rafael Alonso Reymund

"I've always believed in the hidden power that exists in the heart of every young person. For that reason, even though he is inexperienced and young, what matters is that he is enthusiastic and desires to do something great for God..."

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Interview with Rafa Samino and Esmeralda Pérez

You were both part of the first moments of the HM Magazine. What do you remember about your experience?

During the first years of the 80s, in 1984, we, a group of teenagers and young people, H.M.Y. (Home of the Mother of the Youth) members, carried out our apostolic activity in a small village in the province of Toledo, Spain, called Mocejón. After having heard Fr. Rafael on several occasions speak about how great it would be for the Home to have its own magazine, we proposed the idea of beginning the magazine design with the H.M.Y. group in Mocejón. He thought it was a good idea and so we got to work.



Monza (Milan, Italy)

We are Adele Leo and Valter Schiliró. We live in Monza (Milan, Italy) and have five children (Marta, Elisa, Guilio, Lorenzo, and Pietro). On May 31, 2006 we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.

After Calvary Comes the Resurrection


We now share with you an excerpt of a conversion story taken from the program: “Changing Tracks” from HM Television. You can also find other impacting conversion stories in the book: “Changing Tracks. From Darkness to Light.” Both can be accessed by visiting the following link:

Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil - Iraq


In the Footsteps of the Nazarene: The People of the Cross


Erbil is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, where the Kurdistan Regional Government is based. It has become the Christian capital of Iraq since the Islamic State began taking the lives of Christians or forcing them to flee their homes in Mosul and Qaraqosh, two cities of ancient Christian tradition.

The Iraqi government, the Iraqi army with Peshmerga (the Kurdish armed forces), along with the coalition, are fighting against DAESH to stop its advances and reclaim certain cities.

Representative of “Aid to the Church in Need” in the eastern region of Spain.


H.M. Television has had the grace of being able to interview Monsignor Emil Nona, bishop of the Eparchy of St. Thomas the Apostle in Sidney, former Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, Iraq from 2010 to 2015.

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Part of the interview is taken from a conference held in the Parish of Saint Cajetan in Madrid and organized by the Catholic organization of Aid to the Church in Need.

Fr. José Francisco, ordained seven years ago, is currently the Pastor at Perales del Río, a small town in the Diocese of Getafe (Madrid).

jose francisco pradas

Although they were originally from Seville, his family moved to Madrid for work. In this providential way, he found out about the seminary in Getafe, where he studied and was later ordained a priest. He went to Perales del Río to substitute the previous pastor who was ill and he has spent the last two and a half years there.

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