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By Fr. Dominic Feehan, SHM

On August 21, 1879, at approximately 8 o’clock in the evening, fifteen people from the village of Knock in Coounty Mayo, Ireland, witnessed an apparition of Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist, a Lamb and a cross on an altar at the gable wall of their Parish Church. The witnesses watched the apparition in the pouring rain for two hours, reciting the Rosary. Although they themselves were drenched, not a single drop of rain fell on the gable wall or vision.


By Sr. Paqui Morales, S.H.M.

"I don’t like this world.” Maybe I’ve repeated this sentence too much recently. Thanks be to God, in the end, hope opened the way.


By Sr. Beatriz Liaño, S.H.M.

A few years back, I was confronted with a very complicated situation. In the parish where I collaborated, there was a woman who had a certain leadership role that began the process of trying to have a baby by using assisted reproduction technology (ART). She was a well-known person and her decision created a lot of confusion in the parish community.


Know your Martyrs

By Sr. Elvira Garro, S.H.M.

The French Revolution broke out in 1789 in an apparent hostile environment for the Church. The confiscation of Church goods and the expulsion of religious orders rapidly ensued. In 1790, the Civil Constitution of the Clergy condemned by Pius VI, was approved, and converted the French Church into a national and schismatic Church, separate from Rome. The clergy was divided by a sworn oath: priests who swore on the Civil Constitution, thus becoming employees of the State, and “refractory priests” or “non-jurors,” who remained faithful to Rome. The latter group were removed from their duties, and parishes were handed over to “jurors” (priests who took the oath). Those who did not take the oath were threatened with dismissal, deportation, or the guillotine.


Servant Priests of the Home of the Mother

The past twenty-seventh of October 2018, Br. Joseph Bloomer and Br. Andrew Krische, Servant Brothers of the Home of the Mother, were ordained to the priesthood. The entire Church rejoiced and gave thanks to God because, in them, He has once more fulfilled His promise to never abandon His people. In difficult times the Lord continues calling, choosing, loving with predilection; He continues giving us priests in order to be with us always, until the end of times. “The Lord has done great thing for us; we are glad” (Psalm 25).
For the Church, for all men, for the Home of the Mother: two new alter Christus, other Christs on earth, priests for all Eternity.


A gift for spain and for the entire world

By Clara Martínez Gomariz, LHM

This past December 2nd, 2018, the Papal Nuncio, Mons. Renzo Fratini, opened the Holy Door of the Basilica of the Cerro de los Angeles in Getafe (Madrid) and inaugurated the Jubilee Year granted by the Holy See in order to commemorate the first centennial of the consecration of Spain to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


By Martha Pezo-Marin

If we are sure of something in this life, it is that sooner or later we are going to die. We like it or not, I think that we should meditate upon death, and specifically, meditate upon our death.


«Primae Noctis » and Common Sense

By Sr. Beatriz Liaño, S.H.M.

Primae noctis never existed in medieval Europe. There is no need of presenting manuscripts to declare it. In fact, common sense is enough to confirm this thesis without hesitation.


The Priest

By Sr. Paqui Morales, S.H.M.

I can only thank God for priests, for so many good priests who give their lives for the salvation of souls.


The Oldest Prayer to Our Lady

By Fr. Ángel Mª Rojas, SJ

Edgar Lobel, an expert in papyrology from the University of Oxford, has dedicated his life to the study of papyri found in Egypt. The extremely dry climate in the greater part of Egypt has led to the conservation of a multitude of fragments of very ancient papyri, including texts from millennia ago, in Greek and Coptic. In many cases, the papyri help to confirm the dates of texts that had been conserved through successive copies o translations.

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

I’m a Sr. Clare Miracle

Sr. Eva Luz González : I know that Sr. Clare has already begun her mission here on earth, especially by reminding each consecrated soul that God alone suffices, and that we must dedicate ourselves to Him with all of the strength of our heart.

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