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16 years old - Cuenca, Spain

How can one be strong and not let oneself be influenced by bad ideas?
By receiving Holy Communion every day and spending many, many periods of time alone with the Lord. Frequent Confession also helps a lot, and speaking with Our Blessed Mother.

Do you have the courage to say what you think?
I have to admit that I find it hard at times, but I try to because I know that the life of many souls depends on it and that it is a very big responsibility. We mustn’t let ourselves be moved by human respects, but by the Holy Spirit.

20 years old -Virginia, USA

What are you studying?
I am studying to be a Pre-School teacher.

Where do you find peace?
I find peace in God because he is peace.

Where do you find love?
I find love in God because he is love.

How would you define yourself?
A Catholic girl.

16 years old - Georgia, USA

What are you studying?
I home-school.

Who has helped you most in your life?
My parents have helped me to live for Christ and they have shown me the way of holiness.

What would you ask of God for young people?
Well, I’m young myself still, but I would ask God that all young people have the opportunity to form part of the Home of the Mother or some similar group.

What is your most outstanding virtue?
Goodness, although evidently there is a lot of room for improvement.

19 years old - Nutley, New Jersey, USA

- What are you studying?
Mathematics, economics.

- What do you most want in life?
To be truly happy.

- What for you is sincerity?
Prayer. You can never be dishonest with God, even if you try.

- Do you think it’s something one lives or represents?
It has to be lived.

- What has Nick been created for?
To love God and to be happy doing it.

- Do you think young people know this?
Some yes and some no. It’s not always easy to accept what God intends for you.

16 years old - Valencia, Spain

- How would you define a young person?
A young person is someone who is active, with lots of projects to fulfill, with lots of enthusiasm, who never gives up, who never stops fighting to achieve the goal he has set himself.

- How would you define yourself?
I’m a friendly person, active, happy, who likes to make friends and to think (sometimes). To sum up, a normal boy.

- What is your mission as a young person?
My mission is to be a witness of Jesus Christ in the world. The Pope has said so in the call he made to young people. “You will be my witnesses”.

18 years old - Briston, Virginia - USA

What are you studying?
Right now I’m studying the recent Encyclical of Pope John Paul II about the Eucharist. I love the last two chapters especially.

What is the greatest ideal of your life?
The greatest dream of my life is to get to Heaven.

What is the greatest failure a person can have?
The greatest failure a person can have is sin, because it separates you from God.

What is your opinion of the world you’re living in?
My opinion is that many people are wasting a great part of their lives with the T.V., the computer, music; few people take the time to think and even fewer time to pray.


21 years old - Cuenca, SPAIN

Why are you a nurse?
Because I like helping others.

What do you think generosity means?
A generous person is someone who gives herself without keeping anything back.

What is the attribute you most like about God?
God is Love.

What is it that you have found most hard to live since you have had the use of reason?
The beginning of each new phase of my life.

19 years old - Atlanta, Georgia - U.S.A.

Do you study or do you work?
I'm currently working and doing some studies in my spare time. I plan on going to college next year.

My boss is a Jewish carpenter named Christ, & my task is to serve Him by saving His precious babies & changing the hearts of those who support the murder of the millions of unborn innocents. I'm traveling around the country with Father Norman Weslin and the Lambs of Christ, trying to raise awareness on the issue, and actively protesting against abortion---the mass annihilation of human life that takes place in the mother's womb that is protected under the United State's Constitution.

16 years old - Arizona, U.S.A.

What is religion for?
Religion is something that God gave to us to guide us in our journey to heaven.

What is it to be a daughter of the Church?
o be a daughter of the Church for me means to be a testimony of truth by living the will of God.

What is faith?
Faith is a virtue that we are given so that we can believe in truth.

Why does a Christian have hope?
We have hope because we have an attainable meaning for our life, the vision of God.

What is life for you?
Life for me is a love story. A love story of me and Jesus.

19 years old - Cork (Ireland)

What do you study?
I am in my last year of secondary school.

What is the best of life?
Knowing that the love of God is constant no matter what.

And the worst?
When we sin.

How would you define solitude?
When you are alone.

Is there a good solitude and a bad one?
Yes, I think so. The good one is when you are free to think only about God and give your whole attention to Him. The bad one is when you are closed in on yourself thinking only on you and not caring about anyone else.

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