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Out in the Open

Sarah Pierce

16 years old - Arizona, U.S.A.

What is religion for?
Religion is something that God gave to us to guide us in our journey to heaven.

What is it to be a daughter of the Church?
o be a daughter of the Church for me means to be a testimony of truth by living the will of God.

What is faith?
Faith is a virtue that we are given so that we can believe in truth.

Why does a Christian have hope?
We have hope because we have an attainable meaning for our life, the vision of God.

What is life for you?
Life for me is a love story. A love story of me and Jesus.

What is life for?
Life on earth is to follow the will of God so that we can be with Him forever in heaven.

What would be the motto of your life?
Live every second as if Christ were next to you.

What gives you the greatest joy?
The thing that gives me the greatest joy is peace in my soul.

What is your aim?
My aim in life is ultimately to be in heaven for eternity.

Who or what is the protagonist in your life?

What would you say to a young person who has lost the sense of God?
I would ask them: "What are you living for?".

Are you happy?
When my soul is clean, I am happy.

What is the most outstanding feature in your personality?

Which virtue do you appreciate most?
I appreciate diligence most.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
I'm always scrutinizing everything, so I would consider myself pessimistic, I suppose.

What defect do you forgive most easily?
I forgive dishonesty most easily. Normally when someone has lied to you you have found them out and they are sorry.

How do you act when you have a doubt?
I try to logically figure out why I'm doubting.

What is truth?
God is truth.

Does God take freedom away?
No, He doesn't. He gives me freedom through truth.

Who is the Blessed Virgin for you?
The Blessed Virgin is my mother. She is my refuge, hope and consolation.

Are you afraid of something?
I'm afraid of being separated from God in mortal sin.

If you had to become an animal, what would you choose?
A squirrel, but I don't know why.

What do these words suggest to you?

Family: people, love
Spain: Servant Sisters
Past: failure
Present: challenge
Future: hope
Priest: black
Computer: school
Holiness: purity
Little house: crazy

of the Mother
Summer camp: girls, songs
Love: trust
Heaven: Perfection
Sarah: Who?
Young People: irresponsibility
Trust: hope
Eucharist: Jesus in me.

© HM Magazine No. 110 - January/February 2003

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