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Out in the Open

Sonia Moset

21 years old - Cuenca, SPAIN

Why are you a nurse?
Because I like helping others.

What do you think generosity means?
A generous person is someone who gives herself without keeping anything back.

What is the attribute you most like about God?
God is Love.

What is it that you have found most hard to live since you have had the use of reason?
The beginning of each new phase of my life.

Is it difficult to talk about God to young people?
Yes, because they have a deep resistance towards everything that has to do with God.

What would you say to a discouraged young person?
To cheer up! There is Someone who loves you to the point of madness and that alone makes life worthwhile. That Someone is Jesus.

Why does the radical following of Jesus “complicate” your life?
Because it entails living in a way that is contrary to the way the “majority” of people live and it also entails dying to yourself (your likes and dislikes, your whims, comforts, etc.).

What is the most typical feature of your character?
Good humour.

Are you severe with yourself?
No, I should be more so.

Do you consider yourself a modern girl?

What does this phrase suggest to you: “In the world, not of the world”?
That we live in the world, but we don’t live according to the criteria and “values” that the world offers us.

What is the virtue you find hardest to practise?

With which Beatitude do you most identify?
Blessed are those who weep for they will be consoled.

What is it that most quickly discourages you?
Seeing that some things that I do with all my effort to help others, don’t achieve the goal that I did them for.

Where does your true joy spring from?
From giving myself to others for love of Jesus.

What do you most admire about children?
Their simplicity.

Your favourite saint?
St. Francis Xavier.

What is it about him that you would like to imitate?
His courage.

If you were given a minute to speak alone with the Pope, what would you say to him?
he first thing I’d do is give him the biggest hug I could, then I’d ask him for his blessing; I’d ask him to pray for me and I’d thank him for being the way he is, for guiding the Church along the right road and for trusting so much in young people. Long live the Pope!

What has been the most important step in your life?
Allowing God to take the reins of my life and not putting myself in first place.

Do you like the life you’re leading?
Yes, because I’m doing what God wants of me.

Have you found what you’re looking for?
I’m getting there.

What is it that most embarrasses you?
One of the things that most embarrasses me is speaking in public and, above all, if it’s in front of people I don’t know.

What’s your secret for not getting discouraged?
Thinking of the Eternal Life, of Heaven, that is.

Your favourite passage in the Gospels?
I like so many; one of them is the one about the repentant woman.

Do you have some torch for not getting lost?
The light of the faith.

Are you afraid of anything?
Yes, of dying in mortal sin.

Complete these sentences:

crazy about Mary.
I wouldn’t like to be in the shoes…
of the people who have to make decisions about important matters that affect all humanity.
Work well done…
gives me satisfaction.
To be in peace I need…
to know that what I’m doing is what God wants.
I find it exciting…
to think of what God has prepared for me.
The greatest thing in a man is…
his heart.
I would only give up if…
Heaven weren’t waiting for me.
What makes me most happy is…
knowing that I am loved by God and by the people I love.
Walking the way…
you get to the goal.
Time is running out and…
what am I doing with my life?
If I were to be born all over again…
I would be less rebellious.
I will spend my youth…
working for Christ.

© HM Magazine No. 112 - July/August 2003

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