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Out in the Open

20 years old -Virginia, USA

What are you studying?
I am studying to be a Pre-School teacher.

Where do you find peace?
I find peace in God because he is peace.

Where do you find love?
I find love in God because he is love.

How would you define yourself?
A Catholic girl.

What is the main feature of your character?
How I look at the positive parts of things and situations and don´t think of the negative parts.

What do you usually think about?
Everything and anything. I usually think too much about things.

What virtue do you consider necessary?
Patience, because I don´t have much and need a lot more.

What defect do you hate?
I hate my selfishness and my laziness.

What has made you suffer most?
The loss of friendships. I have lost a lot of friendships over the years. When people lost interest in me and we ended up growing apart or when friends decided to no longer be my friend. It all hurts. But through all the pain, I have grown closer to Christ.

Does one live or survive?
Live! To say survive implies that life is too hard. God in his wisdom gives us the right amount of hardships in our lives and he knows what we can handle.

What is the best way to live?
In the state of grace.

At the present, what would you like to say to the Lord?
Thank You.

Men seek happiness, where can it be found?
In Christ. On earth we only have partial happiness and in Heaven our happiness will be perfect.

What is it to make oneself like a little child?
We must act the way we did when we were children. In the way that a small child totally and completely loves his mother we too must love God totally and completely. Because He did everything out of love for us and we should love Him in return.

What does it mean to open one’s heart to God?
To listen to His voice and do what He says.

What does it mean to close one’s heart to God?
To not listen to his voice and not do what he says.

What does giving oneself to God consist in?
Denying oneself through sacrifices.

What is it to love oneself?
To accept yourself the way God made you. God makes everyone a certain way and it is not for us to judge what God has made.

The motto of the World Youth Day has been: We want to see Jesus. What does this evangelical sentence mean to you?
The phrase “We want to see Jesus,” should be the motto of every person on earth. You can use it to inspire yourself to live a good life so that you will see Jesus in heaven.

At the end of your life, if you look back, how would you like to have been?
Good enough to go to heaven when I die.

How would you summarize your life until now?
It has been a great journey though hard times and good ones that will only be getting harder. Hopefully I will be able to carry my cross throughout the whole journey and this story will have a happy ending.


Every thing that starts…
means more chances to strive first for holiness and to glorify God.
My last thought…
before I sleep is to thank God for this day.
At the end of the way I will say…
Thank you, Jesus.
My greatest desire…
is to have kids.
I suffer when…
I stub my toe.
The greatest betrayal would be…
To never thank Jesus for dying on the cross.
If fills me with hope…
to read the lives of the saints and to see how they made it to heaven.
A friend is…
someone who listens and does not judge you.


Virgin Mary-
God willing
Young people-

Kingdom of God-
Jesus Christ-

© HM Magazine No.120 - September/October 2004

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