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Out in the Open

19 years old - Atlanta, Georgia - U.S.A.

Do you study or do you work?
I'm currently working and doing some studies in my spare time. I plan on going to college next year.

My boss is a Jewish carpenter named Christ, & my task is to serve Him by saving His precious babies & changing the hearts of those who support the murder of the millions of unborn innocents. I'm traveling around the country with Father Norman Weslin and the Lambs of Christ, trying to raise awareness on the issue, and actively protesting against abortion---the mass annihilation of human life that takes place in the mother's womb that is protected under the United State's Constitution.

What is freedom?
Freedom is the use of free will, the ability to choose right or wrong, like Adam & Eve. No government official or even God can take away that freedom.

How does a man become free?
He becomes free by renouncing all of his possessions and taking up the cross of Christ. We have to know, love, and serve God.

Does God take away freedom?
No. God's all perfect and all loving. He gave us our free will. We have the choice to follow Him.
What meaning does life have? All human life is created in the image and likeness of God, therefore all human life is sacred. And to me, I find that life as a whole, including the animals, trees, and the rest of creation, shows the almighty power and the mysteriousness of God the Creator.

Which is the most characteristic aspect of your character?
I'm very much of a people person. I could never be a hermit, that's for sure. Outgoing & spontaneous I guess.

What virtue do you appreciate most?
Normally I'd say love, but that's a little vague. But out of love comes humility, and that's the most important one for me. It's one of the hardest, therefore it must be the best one to practice.

What would you demand from a young man?
I'd say that each guy should set aside some time in his life to do some real, selfless work for God. He should do this before he gets too involved with dating because he needs to set aside some time for God first. Men experience attractions to women; that's natural. Before we get carried away we should learn to put God above our own desires.

And from a young woman?
Basically the same. Except, for women, I think a big problem today is young ladies wearing suggestive clothing. I would demand that women (and men) practice modesty.

What is the most important thing in your life?
To serve God until my last dying breath so I can bring to heaven with me an abundance of souls. We're all called to do the same.

Would you like to be reborn?
Well sorry to disappoint you but I've already been reborn. I was reborn the day I was baptized as a baby some 19 years ago.

What is life?
It's a giant test. We live on this rock to follow Christ until our death.

What is death?
For Christians who have followed Christ's teachings, death is a happy return home.

Are Catholics crazy?
In mere human terms, yeah, we're nuts! But we're just doing what Jesus told us to do. I'm not brave enough to argue with that.

What is happiness?
Happiness to me is knowing that even in the worst situations life has to bring us, there is a higher authority always loving us. Happiness is knowing that I can be filled with peace if I surrender my heart and soul to God and put my trust in Him. That's happiness.

Are you happy?
Yes I am.

What is the illusion of your life?
I'm not sure how to answer this one.

What person do you admire most?
My mother. She persevered. She put up with me and kept pushing me even when I wouldn't listen.

Which is your favorite biblical passage?
I have many favorites, but off the top of my head its Matthew 6: 31-34. Look it up.

Who is Our Blessed Mother to you?
She's our spiritual mother. We have an earthly mother. She's our Mother in heaven that always looks after us and prays for us and intercedes for us if we ask her to.

How do you relate to God?
Only that I am made in the image and likeness of God. Otherwise, I'm a sinner and in need of daily conversion.

Does suffering have meaning?
If we suffer without complaint, and we do it for the love of God, we unite our sufferings with the sufferings of Christ on the Cross.

What do you think when you look at the cross?
I see my sins and the sins of the world in the hands and feet of our Lord. I see his pain and his torment, knowing that even after his passion, we would still sin daily. But I also see victory, and I thank Him for that.

If you had to choose an animal, which one would you be?
An eagle. They're free and they can soar and they got some awesome claws.

What do these words suggest to you?

Tax collector
Gates of Hell will not prevail

Testing grounds
Young people-
Lambs in need of a shepherd
like a child
Christ's VICTORY!!

© HM Magazine No.111 - May/June 2003

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