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Out in the Open

Gregory Mark Cooper

16 years old - Valencia, Spain

- How would you define a young person?
A young person is someone who is active, with lots of projects to fulfill, with lots of enthusiasm, who never gives up, who never stops fighting to achieve the goal he has set himself.

- How would you define yourself?
I’m a friendly person, active, happy, who likes to make friends and to think (sometimes). To sum up, a normal boy.

- What is your mission as a young person?
My mission is to be a witness of Jesus Christ in the world. The Pope has said so in the call he made to young people. “You will be my witnesses”.

- What virtue would you like to give to all young people?
The faith.

- Do young people listen?
Of course we listen, although we might not always appear to, yes we listen. The thing is, it’s easier to just ignore everything and do what you feel like.

- How would you like to be remembered?
As a normal person who tried to do the will of God in every moment and who fought to win HOLINESS.

- What is courage?
I think it’s about doing things without fear of what people might think or say about you.

- Do you need this virtue to be a Catholic nowadays?
Of course you need it, because we have to go against the tide of anti-Christian values that is dominating our society.

- What person do you most admire?
It’s embarrassing for me to say so, but the person I most admire is Father Miguel (a priest). I like the way he has and the way he works so hard for the conversion of young people

- What person in history do you most admire?
Jesus Christ. There are no words to describe the great love He had for humanity. All He did to free us from sin.

- What is your greatest challenge?
To have the same humility as St. Martin de Porres.

- What would you like to write a book about?
About some Saint. I would like to write a book about some Christian person who was exemplary in their way of life.

- What has been the most important event in your life?
Meeting Sole and Chris who are now my parents. Thanks to the INFINITE MERCY of God I now have parents who are concerned about my Christian formation and who love me not just very much, but very very very much.

- Which passage from the Gospel do you like most?
I like a lot the one that tells us that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed we would be able to move mountains.

- Do you feel responsible for the salvation of young people?

- Why?
Because the best apostle of young people is a young person. We know more or less how to capture the attention of other young people and how to talk to them.

- What can you do for the present world?
I think that each one of us with our prayer and daily sacrifices can do very much.

- Do you live with hope? Why?
Of course I live with hope, because sometimes I think, what would have become of me if many people hadn’t had hope in me; I would be a failure.

- How do you respond to the call of the Pope?
I am disposed to be a witness of Christ.

- Do you really feel called to holiness?
Yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t fight not to commit sins. All Christians are called to be Saints.

- Which saint would you most like to be like? Why?
St. Martin de Porres. Because I like his great humility and his love of the most needy.

- What would you like to say to young people?
That they be brave and not let themselves be led by the pleasures of the world.

Respond with one word:

- Heaven:
- Virgin Mary:
- Destiny:
- Gregory:
- Friend:
- Fidelity:
- Love:
- Faith:
- Cristobal:
- Sole:
- Prayer:
- Saints:

- I am frightened by........
eternal condemnation.
- I am overjoyed by ............
thinking that God forgives me.
- I am disposed to ............
serve Christ.
- I find consolation in ...........
knowing that God loves me.
- I seek above all ............. humility.
- I find peace in .............
- It is worth it .............
to be and to live like a Christian.
- I give thanks to God for .............
meeting Sole and Chris.
- When I make a mistake ............
I say I’m sorry and try to make amends.

© HM Magazine No. 114 - November/December 2003

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