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Know your Martyrs

By Sr. Elvira Garro, S.H.M.

“If I must apostatize to live, I do not want life.”

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Know Your Martyrs

By Sr. Elvira Garro, SHM

“Do not fear death of the body nor the torments, little brother. Calmly receive the strike of the sword. The God who has seen fit to call us to such a great grace will give us the necessary strength to endure the sufferings that await us.

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By Sr. Beatriz Liaño, SHM

Pope Francis authorized the promulgation decree recognizing the heroic virtues of the servant of God, Tomás Morales, priest of the Society of Jesus and found of the secular institue "The Crusaders of St. Mary" and the association of families "Home of St. Mary."


The Life of the Servant of God Guido of Fontgalland

By Fr. Dominic Feehan, SHM

The famous French writer, Leon Bloy, once wrote: “The only real sadness, the only real failure, the only great tragedy in life, is not to become a saint.”


Know Your Martyrs

By Sr. Elvira Garro, SHM

“Therefore leaving the vanities and false doctrines of many, let us return to the word that was delivered to us from the beginning.”

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The Forgotten Blood of the Martyrs

 By Sr. María Fuentes, SHM

Recently, we attended the beatification of over a hundred martyrs from the religious persecution that took place in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century. It was a very beautiful ceremony and very well prepared. Before the celebration of the Holy Mass began, we prayed a Rosary accompanied by testimonies of several martyrs who were going to be beatified. The entire celebration was full of reverence and the words of Cardinal Angelo Amato helped us penetrate into the mystery we were celebrating. There is no doubt that such an event as this one has been an immense grace for the diocese in which it took place, as well as for the entire Church. And yet… yet?... Well, yes. There was a “yet,” and not a small one at that. A “yet” which had to do with the quantity, condition, and attitude of those present. [I mention] quantity, because there were many empty seats. Having in mind that we are speaking about 115 martyrs and that a large number of those present were relatives of those being beatified, there were very few others. That is the truth… Not even the seats reserved by the organization were filled.

Know Your Martyrs


By Sr. Elvira Garro, SHM

Young martyr of the Eucharist from the 3rd Century. Patron Saint of Altar Servers and of the children of Nocturnal Adoration.

Know Your Martyrs

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By Sr. Elvira Garro, SHM

Saint Justin, philosopher and martyr, was born into a pagan family in Flavia Neapolis (Nablus), Samaria, around the year 100. He searched for the truth for a long time as he wandered throughout the different schools of traditional Greek philosophy, until he finally found the Christian faith. He is the most important Apologetic Father of the second century.

Know You Martyrs


By Sr. Ana María Cabezuelo, SHM

On March 7, 203, saints Perpetua and Felicity died as martyrs in Carthage (África).

During the persecution of Emperor Severo, there were five catechumens who were arrested in Carthage: Revocatus, Felicity, Saturninus, Secundulus, and Vivie Perpetua.

This last one was a young mother, only 22 years old. She was legitimately wed and had a little boy only a few months old. She was from a very rich and esteemed family.

Felicity was Perpetua's young maid servant.She was pregnant and while in prison, gave birth to a little girl who had to be raised by the other Christians.

Also with them, was the Deacon Saturno, who had instructed them in the faith and had prepared them for baptism. He did not want to abandon them, and as they had not taken him prisoner, he presented himself voluntarily.

By Sr. Gema Díaz, SHM

"He who surrenders his life for love, gains it forever." (Hymn from the Liturgy of the Martyrs)


Stephen means “crowned” (ste: crown). He is referred to as the “protomartyr” because he was given the honor of being the first martyr to shed his blood in proclaiming his faith in Jesus Christ.

"Blessed are you, Stephen, who by proclaiming your love for Christ while on earth, obtained the crown of martyrdom and the possession of the Glory of Heaven with Him for whom you died. Grant that we may obtain from our Lord, Jesus Christ, the same grace of imitating you in your love for our enemies, thus allowing us to give our lives, forgiving them with all our heart."

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