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Always Asking


 By Juan José Albañir, LHM

Ever since I discovered, when I was 17 years old, that I had a Mother in heaven and how powerful she was, I haven’t stopped asking for things. I first asked for Rosa, a girl in my town, Baena. Later, for Encarnita in Cordoba, while I was doing military service in the barracks of immediate intervention in Lepanto. Finally, for Maria José, my wife. Later, for my children that didn’t come once we got married.

After that, for the children that came, all seven of them. Meanwhile, for my work, for my illnesses and others’ illnesses, for the people around me that have died, my father-in-law, my dad… I don’t have enough space or time to write down all that I have asked from my Mother in these past years.

It is written in our own nature as children to ask. Those of us who are parents know this well, and we must bear it. And children ask more from their mothers and from their fathers, because they instinctively know that a mother’s heart is softer and more understanding of what lies behind their words. And they know, without needing anyone to explain it to them, that a mother, better than anyone else, always intercedes for them before their father.

And Mary, Our Mother, is the best of all mothers, the most powerful, the most sensitive, the most understanding, the one who best knows what lies behind each petition that we make, and don’t make; the best intercessor. But what is most important, since she is so close to the Heart of God, is that she knows how to do what is best for us when we ask things of her. Of all the petitions that I have made to her in my life, some of them were not granted to me, while some of them were answered very quickly. However, on other occasions, she made me wait months, and even years, to later give me much more than what I had asked for. Why? Because of her love.todalavidapidiendo320

Love, that desires a child’s good above all else, is what guides a mother’s and a father’s response to their children’s never-ending petitions. But many times we clumsily and blindly act, trusting in God’s intervention in our children’s lives. For that reason, knowing that my Mother’s love for me is so full of God’s wisdom fills me with peace. Whatever I ask, I know that she knows what is best, and I know that she can obtain anything from Her son Jesus. If it weren’t for the Virgin Mary, I would surely be a miserable wretch.

I am convinced that not a single prayer is lost. And even though it seems childish, since I know that to her, I will always be a child, I will continue asking everything from her. I know that She will continue to keep everything in her Heart and will continue acting in my life with wisdom and authentic motherly love.

©HM Magazine; nº198 September-Octuber 2017

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