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Hope opened the way


By Sr. Paqui Morales, S.H.M.

"I don’t like this world.” Maybe I’ve repeated this sentence too much recently. Thanks be to God, in the end, hope opened the way.

Let me explain myself. I had a conversation with a lady once. Her husband had abused their daughter and all that she personally received from him was hatred and ill treatment. “I don’t like this world.” A few hours later, I heard the phone rang, “Sister, my son is doing drugs. I don’t know what to do. I’ve thought about sending him to a rehab center. I’ve been told that sometimes they treat them badly and even rape them. Am I doing the right thing if I send him there?” “I don’t like this world.”

The next day we went to visit sponsored families. We travelled down a dusty road, where there were houses made of bamboo and even cardboard. On the roads, young people are already drugged up when it’s only 10 o’clock in the morning. Hardened faces looked on with curiosity at a few Sisters dressed in white that didn’t seem like they belonged in that kind of environment. Around the corner, there was a police car and a crowd of people. They just found a dead man. He was murdered. “I don’t like this world!”

We went to a house. A lady welcomed us with a beautiful smile, but with a deep sense of sorrow. “How long have you been bedridden?” “I have multiple sclerosis. They diagnosed me ten years ago. My children were four and seven years old at the time. When that happened, my husband left us. Shortly after I was left paralyzed and three years ago I went blind. Today, I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t have feeling in my arms.”

I began to speak with her son who is thirteen years old. He is in charge of cooking. He takes turns with his brother studying so that they never leave their mom alone. The seventeen- year-old son takes care of his mom with a lot of love: washing her, moving her so she doesn’t get bed sores, etc. The sons care for their mother better than many mothers care for their children. I spoke to one of them in private: “There is a God who never abandons you, who loves you, and is watching out for you.” He looked at me with sorrow. “You don’t believe me?” He wasn’t bitter or rebellious, but full of pain responded, “No,” as tears fell from his eyes. “I don’t like this world.”


We visited another house. A man was sick with kidney failure. His legs were completely swollen. He needed dialysis, but no one attended to him. He was scheduled for an appointment in a few months time. He asked me crying, “Sister, what if the doctor tells me that there’s no hope and I’m going to die?” “I don’t like this world.” . And almost automatically, without thinking I answered, “Of course you’re going to die! , Just like Father will! Just like Sister will! Just like me! Here, we’re just passing through. We’re going to die but… there’s hope! Yes, there’s hope!”

I felt how in the midst of the darkness in which my soul was sinking, in the midst of despising this world, hope broke through when I said to this man, “Yes, there’s hope!” Heaven exists! And we’re made to be there for all eternity, without pain, without suffering, and without tears.

The man fixed his gaze on me as he heard this, and I saw how only heaven justifies this world. We are children of God. We’ve been created out of love and created to love. He wants our happiness. The world, which is beautiful, has come from his hands and it is a gift for man. “And God saw that it was good.” How would God look at this world? It has been called to be His glory, but for some men it has transformed into a hell: full of pain, of injustice, without love, and almost without hope.

Juan Antonio Reig Pla, Bishop of Alcalá de Henares in Spain, doesn’t let one homily go by without speaking about heaven. May we, with our presence, speak to everyone and shout about heaven. This world has such a great need to place its gaze on heaven and to put its hope in heaven.

I’ll finish with a verse of a song that I love, because it’s in the goodness of God that hope is rooted:

“And when I’m lost, He comes to find me, and there’s joy in heaven when I return to the Father’s side. God is so good! God is so good!” .


© HM Magazine Nº206 January-February 2019

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