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The goal of Missionary Groups of the Home of the Mother is to channel financial and humanitarian aid for the development and formation of the most needy in Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific. All of this is carried forth, wherever we are called, in a missionary spirit of Christian evangelization, at the service of the needy in the Church.




  1. Multipurpose Center
  2. Sponsorships
  3. Scholarships
  4. New Soup Kitchen
  5. Parish
  6. Housing

Centro Multifuncional

The Multipurpose Center in Chone includes a soup-kitchen, medical dispensary, chapel, convent for Sisters, youth center, multisport field, residence for girls, house for volunteers, classrooms, store, and auditorium.

Centro Multifuncional

We hope to serve more than 1000 people a month at this center.

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centro columna3 ing


Sponsor a family and we will take canastas, baskets of food, and basic hygiene products every month to the needy. You can also help with other concrete needs of our poor families, such as home-renovations or basic household items.

apadrinamiento - familias

Currently there are 122 sponsored families.

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We know children and young people who want to receive a good education, but they need your help to continue with their studies.

6:1 becas

For every six students in our school, one receives a scholarship from MGHM.

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We visit the Flor de Bastión neighborhood once a week to give catechism and feed the children. We have a project to open a soup kitchen so we can offer a safe place where children can eat quietly every day.

98.8% sin agua

98.8% of the inhabitants, about 70,000, have no running water

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Parroquia Río Chico

When the Servant Priests and Brothers of the Home of the Mother arrived at this parish, the church was in ruins, damaged by the earthquake. Now, reconstruction is taking place. Help us complete it.

17000 feligreses

Currently the Servant Brothers and Priests serve 17,000 parishioners in Río Chico and its 16 communities.

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Our missionaries enter the poorest and neediest neighborhoods, both on the outskirts of the big cities and in the most remote places of civilization. Many of the homes they visit are not worthy of human beings.


45% of the urban population of Ecuador does not have access to adequate housing.

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viviendas columna3 ENG





  1. Basic Needs
  2. Holy Family Educational Center
  3. Missions and Apostolate
  4. Maria Elisabetta Farm
Ayúdas básicas
Unidad Educativa Sagrada Familia
  • Our Mission

    "To create for the school community a special atmosphere animated by the Gospel spirit

  • Our History

    A brief history of our school.

  • School News

    News and improvements in Holy Family Educational Center.

Apostolado y misiones
Finca Maria Elisabetta






Meet Our Missionaries

Twenty years lived in darkness...
the trip to Ecuador and the light of the Lord has illuminated my heart
and my life...
-Sara Ricchini

You can’t stop thinking about all you’ve lived and you thank God, and you feel like a missionary. You really feel like a poor missionary apprentice.
-Rafael Samino

This trip showed me that material things will not bring you happiness, but a life that glorifies God and serves others will bring us the happiness we desire.
-Katie Vick





We will make sure that your donation reaches those who need it most. If you want your contribution to be destined to a specific project, you can specify it. Otherwise, the donation will be used in some of GMHM's most urgent projects.


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