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Although time has passed since the earthquake in 2016, many families have not received the government aid they expected. The government labeled many houses as unsafe living conditions and promised to give grants to rebuild them, but the grants never arrived. MGHM has used the funds raised after the earthquake to rebuild houses for families in need in the areas where we work.

There are also many families that were not affected by the earthquake but who live in great poverty. Many homes are made up of one bedroom for parents and children. With the donations we periodically receive, we also help build houses for these families. We help elderly women who live alone in semi-ruined houses, single mothers who live with disabled children in tents or in houses in very poor conditions. After rebuilding the structure of these houses, we add other improvements, such as the installation of kitchens and bathrooms.

vivienda web2When possible, we restructure the houses these people already inhabit. In other cases, the homes are so broken that it is not worth working on them. In those cases, we provide cane homes, collaborating with the Catholic foundation "Hogar de Cristo".

We hope to continue with this project of providing decent housing for the families of Ecuador. We verify the words of Jesus every day: “The harvest is abundant and the workers are few." We see so many needs, so much apostolate to do, and we would like to be able to reach more people… Therefore, in addition to your material help, we ask for your prayers, so that those whom the Lord calls may be generous and work to extend the Kingdom of God.


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