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Water Purification Project

potab2We carry out our humanitarian work in Ecuador in areas that lack potable water. When possible, many Ecuadorians buy small tanks of water. However, we have experienced that even the quality of the tank-water is unreliable. Those who live in the poorest neighborhoods drink from rivers, rainwater, or similar sources. The lack of potable water causes many infections and even deaths of infants. potab

MGHM has installed several water treatment plants that need annual maintenance. We would also like to install several new water treatment plants. In jungles or other isolated areas, we hope to distribute individual water purifiers. The missionaries who visit those communities are also in need of clean water. We would like to distribute 100 disposable water purifiers as soon as possible.

Needs: (Total: $8,900)
• Annual maintenance of water treatment plants installed by MGHM: $2,970
• Installment of new water treatment plants: $4,550
• Acquisition of 100 disposable water purifiers: $1,380



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