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• The construction of the Sisters' house begins. 
• Shade canopy is built for the courtyard and playing fields.


• The construction of the library and chapel continue.
• The construction of pre-k and kindergarted classrooms is finished.

• The construction of the library begins.

• The construction of pre-k and kindergarten classrooms begin.
• The construction of the chapel begins.

• A sports area is built for the older children.

colegio 1

• The classrooms are painted and sidewalks are built.
• A swing set is installed for the youngest children.
• The provisional chapel in a bamboo classroom is inaugurated.
• The enclosure wall around the school is finished.

• The entire site of the school is backfilled, to elevate the property one and a half meters, to avoid flooding from the frequent torrential pours. At the same time, the builders began the construction of the enclosure around the school.
• A team of workers built a room for the water purifier, the administration office, restrooms, and a snack bar.
• A team of volunteers from a private company, together with Cristóbal Aguado, member of the Home of the Mother, built fifteen reed classrooms. Although they are prefabricated, they are very resistant.
• On July 30, a group of high school students and parents come together to help rebuild the school, painting classrooms and skim coating the walls.

• A group of young women from the United States travel to Ecuador as volunteers. Along with visiting families affected by the earthquake, one of their tasks is to help the Sisters prepare a temporary house in Playa Prieta to begin to teach as soon as possible.
• The community of Playa Prieta allows us to use the Town Hall as provisional classrooms to begin the school year on June 27, 2016, the day the schools had to open by mandate of the Supervisors of Educational Direction in Portoviejo, Ecuador.


• Architects evaluate the situation of the rest of the school buildings and decide that all of them must be demolished because of their dangerous conditions.
• The debris from the main building of the school is removed.
• Most of the school buildings are demolished.
• The community of Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother in Chone, Ecuador travel to Playa Prieta daily to help in the construction and receive the applications for the new school year.

April: edificio
• A terrible earthquake destroys the main building of the school and the Servant Sisters' house, taking the lives of Sister Clare Crockett, who taught at the school, and five young postulants. (Click here for more information.)
• The Servant Sisters who were rescued were taken to Guayaquil to receive medical attention.
• The Reconstruction of the School in Playa Prieta Project was launched to raise funds so as to open the school as soon as possible.
• The community of Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother in Chone, Ecuador, travelled to Playa Prieta to inform the town that the school would be rebuilt as soon as possible.

2015: The basketball court and recess area were replaced with a new concrete slab. The old concrete slab was ruined by the first rains after its construction because of the carelessness of the workers. Renovation of the preschool and 1st grade classrooms. The desks and chairs were fixed, interior and exterior walls painted, the wooden lattices, which filled with termites, were replaced with metal latticework, the bathrooms were fixed, etc…

2013: The first high school graduation, of 13 students, from the Holy Family Educational Center. All those who took the entrance exam for the university passed. New concrete slab on the basketball court and recess area as the old one was greatly deteriorated by the rains.

2010: The last two years of high school are opened with the rising 11th grade class. The last two years are not obligatory and previously, if a student wanted to finish high school and go to college, he had to find another school. This class will be the first to graduate in 2013. 12 of them passed the entrance exam into college.

2009: Construction of the assembly hall. Installation of a water purifier for the “Holy Family Educational Center” and for the Servant Sisters’ house.

Construction of two new classrooms for the “Holy Family Educational Center”. Construction of the school chapel. The opening of a small library for the children. 






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