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Maria Elisabetta Farm

Sections of the Farm

Sections of the Farm



The agricultural activities of Maria Elisabetta Farm include the cultivation of rice, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, beans, bananas and green bananas, cocoa, coffee, yuca, peanuts, passionfruit, papaya, grapefruit, boya, pechiche, red cedar, guachapelí, oranges, mangoes, lemons, tangerines, coconuts, etc. The goods produced by the farm are divided among charities (soup kitchens and families in need) and the market (to cover costs).


vacasIn the livestock sector we have cows, pigs, and chickens, which serve to enrich the diet of the children who come to our soup kitchens by providing them with meat, milk, and eggs. One pig provides meat for the soup kitchens for up to five weeks. Everything the farm produces is for consumption (in the soup kitchens and for families in need) and for the market (to cover costs).

Fish Farm

chameThe fish farm is the most recent addition to the Maria Elisabetta Farm. We have three pools in which we breed a fish called Pacific Fat Sleeper (Dormitator latifrons) and prawns. Currently, the project has been put on hold because almost all the Pacific Fat Sleepers were robbed last season. To be able to continue the fish farm, it would be necessary to hire a guard during harvest season to avoid possible robberies. One part of the production will go towards feeding some of the poorest children of Chone, and the other part for the market to cover costs.


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