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Maria Elisabetta Farm



- The canals that overflowed and flooded the farm have been cleaned.


- Acquisition of 6 cows

- A calf is born in Maria Elisabetta Farm

- Plantation of 100 new orange trees

- We have 14 cows, 57 pigs, 109 chickens, 2 donkeys and a mule for labor.


- Construction of an addition to the pigsties.

- A part of the land is rented out to other farmers for cow grazing.

- We have 8 cows, 21 pigs, 69 chickens, 2 donkeys and a mule for labor.


- The fish farm is up and running with 4,000 fry (baby fish).

- Purchase of 4 cows, 2 milk cows and 2 for meat, which will enhance the diet of the children who come to our soup kitchens, providing them with meat and milk. - Purchase of 2 donkeys and a mule to carry the corn and other agricultural products to the areas where the tractor cannot pass.

- Beginning of the construction of a stable for the cows.

- Beginning of the sowing of an area of the farm with short-cycle products: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, and beans.


- Purchase of 70 egg-laying hens

- Acquisition of a small tractor donated by “Ebir Iluminación,” a Spanish company. The tractor is helpful but is too small to cover the needs of the farm.

- Finalization of the construction of a house on the farm for a family to live in.

- Professional construction of a 5-meter well to water the plantations. It has a decent water flow and high quality of water. This project was made possible by the donations from the members of the Home of the Mother in Italy.

- Purchase of the neighboring property to begin our fish farm.

- Water purifier sent from Spain for part of the farm and surrounding area, thanks to “Ebir Iluminación.”


- Container sent from Spain, paid for by “Ebir Iluminación,” with cages for breeding rabbits and chickens, among other things.


- Increase of the consumption of meat and chicken in our soup kitchens, thanks to the produce of Maria Elisabetta Farm.

- Finalization of the construction of the wood stove, washing site, and storehouse for the families who are going to live on the farm.

- Purchase of a threshing machine, hay mower, and a peeler, as well as other necessary tools for the work on the farm.

- Finalization of the construction of a house on the farm for the new family of workers, financed by Bancaja.

- Construction of the second handcrafted well, by volunteer specialists and workers of the local government of Chone, Ecuador, 10-12 meters deep and 30 centimeters wide. Provides enough water for one home and for the animals.


- Improvement of the entrance to the farm and the area around the house.

- Acquisition of an incubator for the chickens.

- Purchase of a new pickup truck for maintenance work on the farm.


- Construction of the first handcrafted well by volunteers, 10-12 meters deep and 30 centimeters wide.

- Purchase of the first pig with 11 piglets.

- Purchase of the first group of chickens.

- Cultivation of the first crops.


- We bought the farm in the month of November, thanks to our benefactors.



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