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Multipurpose Center of Chone

The Multipurpose Center Construction Project consists in the construction of a center made up of various buildings in the the city of Chone in Manabí, Ecuador. The center aims to cover the spiritual, social, educational, and health needs of the population we serve, as well as to guarantee a place for the volunteers and those who collaborate in this project.
This project includes a soup-kitchen, medical dispensary, chapel, convent for Sisters, youth center, multisport field, residence for girls, house for volunteers, classrooms, store, and auditorium.

First Phase

The first phase will be the topographical study of the land, soil improvement, and construction of the convent for the Servants of the Home of the Mother. The Servant Sisters’ house is a first priority because they will oversee the construction of the center and because the house they currently live in will soon no longer be at their disposition. The estimated cost will be $150,000. 

These are the objectives of each part of the project:

 - To meet the minimum nutritional needs of children.
- To help them in their daily life.
- To try to educate the children at a spiritual and human level
- To ensure contact with their families to discover the underlying problems that may exist (unemployment, lack of education, prostitution ...).
- Through the multisport field, give them a safe and suitable environment for their age.
Up to 84 daily meals can be served at the soup kitchen

- To offer quality attention and care for the sick.
- To facilitate a local area for medical checkups, for medical doctors who periodically come to Ecuador as volunteers and also for native doctors who have voluntarily offered to give their free time in health service to this population.
- To have a place where we can receive and organize the distribution of medicines sent from other countries or brought by the doctors.

-To have a space to encounter the Lord and hold liturgical celebrations, which are essential to sustain the apostolic and missionary activities that we do.
-To provide a place where love, faith and hope are irradiated to those who come searching for a meaning to their lives.
-To teach the youth and the children that this is the best place to meet Jesus and His Mother.

-To guarantee decent and proper facilities for the religious community to stay in the city of Chone.
-To offer spiritual attention in everything that is related with Missionary Groups of the Home of the Mother.
-To monitor the work and activities carried out by the volunteers and workers, and make sure that the original objectives are maintained.

-Teaching catechism
-Education on the value of human life
-Classes on the role of the family in society and the dignity of women
-Classes about basic sanitary care
-Recreational and educational workshops

Here are some of the objectives for the construction of these facilities:
- Through various activities, educate the children and youth of the city of Chone.
- To provide a safe environment where they can go and play.
- To prepare activities of religious and human formation for the youth.

-To host the volunteers who come from other countries or other parts of Ecuador to collaborate with the MGHM.
-During the school year, one of the houses can serve as a girls’ residence, especially for those girls whose parents face economic difficulties.

Since 2007, Missionary Groups has developed the “Maria Elisabetta Farm” that produces a variety of agricultural products, livestock and fish, which are used in two ways:
- A significant part is for the soup kitchens and for the monthly baskets distributed among needy families or shared with other institutions dedicated to charity in the area, such as elderly homes, orphanages and rehabilitation centers for drug addicts.
- The other part is distributed at a lower price to help with the cost of the maintenance of the farm.
With these premises, we see that the implementation of a store will be beneficial, especially because it will:
- Allow a family to survive and move on, thanks to the honest job of the mother.
- Provide an opportunity to sell the products of the farm in optimal conditions.
- Create a network of women entrepreneurs who can sell in this store the cooking they prepare at home.

- To have general meetings during retreats or get-togethers
- To give conferences
- To present films and plays
- To perform activities with the youth such as: plays, films, Christian concerts.
- In case of a large amount of people coming to the liturgical celebration, it may be used as an addition to the chapel


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