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Katie Vick

Katie Vick went on a mission trip to Ecuador in March 2013 with a group of girls from different universities in the United States.

This is her experience of the trip:

katie-vickMy trip to Ecuador was amazing.  It opened my eyes and my heart.

I thought it would be hard giving up all of the things I have at home, but I realized happiness cannot be found in material things. It was humbling to see how joyful the people of Ecuador were, even though many of them did not have much at all. It made me realize how often I take for granted all that I have. 

Living with the Servant Sisters for a week really opened my heart.  The way they live in simplicity is very beautiful.  It really helped to get away from all of the things that get in the way of my relationship with God.  Not only did I get away from these things, but also I was with the Sisters who would do anything to serve God. The whole week, I was focused on serving Him and growing deeper in my faith. I really enjoyed helping the people in the communities the Sisters live in.  It was easy to tell that the people appreciated it and the Sisters were truly in it for the glory of God. 

This trip showed me that material things will not bring you happiness, but a life that glorifies God and serves others will bring us the happiness we long for.

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