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Meditation by Fr. Henry Kowalczyk, SHM - Silent Retreat 2018

resurrectionJesus wants to tell you how much love He has for you. Words cannot begin to express how much love God has for each one of us. He has thought of you from all eternity. Say to Him: Lord, give me the grace to thirst for your love. 



Homily by Fr. Henry Kowalczyk, SHM - September 2018

12 02 person prayingWe need to be reminded that we are Temples of God every single day. I am a living image of God. God dwells in me. How am I taking care of my temple? 



Homily by Fr. Henry Kowalczyk, SHM - Easter Sunday 2018

resurrectionIt is not easy. In this life you are going to get your crosses. We need to get to the resurrection through the cross. And the cross is going to be part of your daily life. But these moments of experiencing the Lord are so important. That is why we need a time of prayer.



Meditation by Br. Andrew, SHM - Easter Sunday 2018

electionOfGod"I want more from you. I want you to take another step." I then knew what I had to do. And you? Do you give Him your life? Do you let Him guide you? Do you give yourself as you should?



Homily by Fr. Henry Kowalczyk, SHM - Easter Vigil 2018

easter candleWe see today that death is not the last word. Everything has a reason. We must realize that when I suffer, it is not the end. All suffering passes, but all suffering suffered well for love of Jesus will remain for all eternity, and all our sufferings will be our glory.



Talk by Sr. Kelly Jo Foht, SHM - Holy Saturday 2018

perfectionTalk about Striving for Perfection taken from the book of Von Hildebrand.



Meditation by Sr. Grace Silao, SHM - Holy Saturday 2018

OurLadyOfSorrowsWhat more do you want of me? My son has given you his life. Will you still persist in your sins?



Talk by Chris Fernandez - Good Friday 2018

humilityTalk taken from the book Transformation in Christ by Dietrich Von Hildebrand.



Meditation by Br. Andrew, SHM - Good Friday 2018

three thievesEach one of us here are persons with free will, with the ability in our lives to do good or to do evil, with God's help or without it, leaving it aside. Why wait? Why wait until you are on the road agonizing, if you don't even know if you will have that opportunity, to give Him your life, to give Him your life, and He wants to give you His grace?



Meditation by Fr. Henry Kowalczyk, SHM - Holy Thursday 2018

Every wound that is there, He took it for me because He loves me. He took my place on the cross, and all because He loves me.
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