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Homily by Fr. Félix López Lozano, SHM - Easter Sunday, 2014

We have a mission in the Church. We cannot keep the good news - that Jesus Christ is risen – to ourselves. We must be apostles of the risen Lord. Do I spread the joy of the Resurrection? Am I ashamed of the crucified Lord? Am I still worried about what others are going to think about me? Or do I love my Lord in such a way that I don´t care at all what other people think about me? If my Lord is happy, nothing else matters. I need to be faithful to the Lord, preaching the Gospel with my life and with my word.



Meditation by Fr. Henry Kowalczyk,  SHM - Easter Sunday, 2014

Speaking to young people in Toronto, St. John Paul II exclaimed, “Many and enticing are the voices that call out to you from all sides: many of these voices speak to you of a joy that can be had with money, with success, with power. Mostly they propose a joy that comes with the superficial and fleeting pleasure of the senses.” Do not listen to them. Listen to the voice of Jesus in the depths of your hearts. His words tell you who you are a Christians. They tell you what you must do to remain in his love. Jesus offers one thing the spirit of the world offers another. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.



Homily by Fr. Henry Kowalczyk,  SHM - Easter Vigil, 2014

Give me at least, Lord, the desire to begin searching for you. Like Mary Magdalene, when you start to search, you are sure to find Him. You never know when Jesus is going to give you a grace. He looks, he watches, he waits. We have to be prepared for when Jesus wants to reveal himself to us. Saint John Paul II said, “To contemplate Christ involves being able to recognize Him wherever he manifests himself, in His many forms of presence, but, above all, in the living Sacrament of His Body and Blood.”



Meditation by Fr. Felix López Lozano,  SHM - Good Friday, 2014

As we begin to realize that we are sinners and see the dark side of our souls, we also find Jesus Christ. As the letter to the Hebrews encourages us, we can approach the throne of mercy, which is Jesus Crucified, with trust. We can go to Him with trust and confidence, knowing that we will be forgiven. He is a merciful High Priest because he has suffered all the limitations of our human nature and went through death to destroy death. He is merciful, faithful, and trustworthy. Look at the cross; enter into His heart, and take the decision to die to all that is not worthy of our dignity as children of God.



Homily by Fr. Henry Kowalczyk,  SHM - Good Friday, 2014

When we get to heaven and we see the fruit of crosses we accepted, we are going to say to ourselves, “Why did I not suffer more? Why did I not trust you more, Lord? Why did I not make more sacrifices?” Who runs from the cross? Satan runs from the cross. He can’t stand the cross because he knows the cross is the place where he has been defeated. If Satan has been defeated through the cross, we should be running to the cross, because if we run to the cross, we know that there we will obtain our victory.



Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

A Tribute to Sr. Clare in Costa Rica

Dúo Santa Cecilia (St. Cecilia Duo) sang I Prefer Paradise as a tribute to Sr. Clare on the third anniversary of her death.

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