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Boy's Summer Camp in the North Carolina Mountains (United States), July 20th-26th, 2019.


All for Mary! was this year’s theme for the Summer Camp in both the older boys and younger boys camp in the United States. Each day we had the “Marian Moment” that focused on a Marian apparition and in Adoration the boys came to grow deeper in their knowledge of Our Blessed Mother meditating the biblical scenes of her life. Let’s first start off with the older boys camp in North Carolina.

After many years of doing the hiking trip in Georgia, we wanted to change it up. This year’s novelty was going to Asheville, North Carolina.


To start off the trip we began with a “man-hike” as one of the boys phrased it. It was a 13 mile hike called “Sam’s Gap to Big Bald” running through the Appalachian Trail. Once we arrived to the top we were relieved because we had arrived, but were disappointed as we were surrounded by fog unable to see anything. However, within moments it started to clear up and we could see a panoramic view of the beautiful mountains and valleys. We celebrated Mass on the mountains and had adoration giving thanks to His creation.

Having tired-out the boys, they were then ready for a waterfall. One day we went to a river where there was a rock to jump off and there was even a natural water slide that would shoot us through the rapids. It was quite the adrenaline rush!

One day the host of the house, Ron, put the boys to work, cleaning up his greenhouse. Their job was to pull weeds, and after a couple hours there were two huge piles of weeds. Ron was very thankful and to show his gratitude he fixed up for us a delicious BBQ Rib dinner.

We can’t forget about our cooks, as Mike Miller and Kevin Hernandez were a great help in the kitchen. And last but not least Delores Hambleton and Mrs. Miller for doing all the logistics, making it a lot easier for the brothers.

The last night it was rewarding to hear all the graces the boys received. Many of them realized that they needed to strengthen their prayer life. We give thanks to God for all the graces the Lord shed upon all of us.

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