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As in any place where the Home is present, here in Chone, the 8th of September was also a special day. We celebrated Our Lady's birthday as the occasion called for.  In the afternoon, all of the members of the Home who were going to renew their commitments or were going to enter in the Home for the fisrt time, got together for más a 7:30pm. What a joy it was to see the whole side wing of St. Cayetano's full of Home of the Mother t-shirts.

Not too long ago we had a week of vacations in the school, and it has been useful to continue working on our much waited for assembly hall.  The hall continues in construction, although it is going pretty slowly because there are only two workers besides Demetrio, our "fix-it-up" man.

On the 18th of September, the community of the Servant Sisters of Alcalá de Guadaíra attended the beatification of Mother María de la Purísima, who was a Sister of the Cross, which took place in the Olympic Stadium in Seville. We went to the event accompanied by a small group of the Home of the Mother Youth including Esmeralda and Felix Manuel who would be married the next day. We joined the bus that went from the Immaculate Conception parish, where we give catechism classe,  and in which some of our young friends from Caritas (a charity movement) went.

On Sunday, September 12th, a group of young people gathered together at the "Maria Elisabetta" farm to have a get-together. More 30 young people came from Playa Prieta with the Sisters, making a great effort, because they had exams the following week.  Some of them even brought their books with them to try to study in their free time.

At the school in Playa Prieta, the 8th of September was a great feast. The children usually have Mass together at the school on Monday, and we thought about moving the Mass to Wednesday to celebrate Our Lady's birthday. The High School students surprised us with this request: "Sister, do not change the Mass, on Monday get a priest to come and celebrate, and then, we can go to confession to be able to receive Communion on Our Lady's feast day!" What a great joy! Monday a priest came and stayed a while after the Mass, but, as some were left without confession, on Tuesday another priest came to continue hearing confessions.

On September 12th, the feast of the Holy Name of Mary, Sisters Ana Maria and Mercedes attended the beatification of Fray Leopoldo de Alpandeire, which took place at the Armilla Air Base, outside Granada (Spain).

Everything seemed to give evidence that it would be very hot that day. At a quarter to six in the morning, when we left Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville) it was 78.8ºF (26ºC), and the sun was shining pretty nicely on the square where the beatification took place.

The Servant Brothers and Priests of the Home of the Mother have founded a new community in Urroz-Villa (Navarra). The community is formed by Fr. Reinhard (the new parish priest), Brother Andrew, Brother Greggy, John Wright, and Jim Davila.

We are all aware of what a grace it is to be able to participate in the Home of the Mother ceremonies, such as the vows of the Brothers or the Sisters, the entrance of candidates into the Novitiate, special celebrations like the Pontifical Approval of the Home...However, unfortunately, this is not always possible due to the fact that we live far away, or we have to work, or our health does not allow us to travel, etc.

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