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Work in Playa Prieta and a Procession in honor of Our Lady

Not too long ago we had a week of vacations in the school, and it has been useful to continue working on our much waited for assembly hall.  The hall continues in construction, although it is going pretty slowly because there are only two workers besides Demetrio, our "fix-it-up" man.

However, during the week of vacations, we spoke to the father of one of our students, and he got someone to lend us a cement machine for two days. We had pour the concrete for the flooring in the hall (about 400m), and he himself looked for people to help us out. The only problem was that the area that will be the stage, had to be filled in with stones beforehand, and it had to be done before Friday, when we would have the cement machine.

We sisters began filling the hole, using the wheelbarrow to carry the stones. It was really special because we felt like we were at home in Zurita working on our house. Some mornings some of the girls came also to give us a hand. On Friday when they boys came for their meeting we had a great idea: "And what would happen if today instead of havingthe meeting, we do a little bit of work?" They like the idea alot and they worked very well, even the littlest ones.

In our sewing workshop there has been a lot of work sewing lately to make casocks for all the priests and albs for all the altarboys of Our Lady of Mercy. Her feast day is September 24th, and she is the patroness of all Portoviejo. It was the first time that the priests had gone out in the procession in casocks, and they were very happy and looked very elegant. The altarboys did as well.

The procession was very beatiful and fun. When Mass ended, the procession began, protected by the police. They had corded off the area where the procession went by to hold back the avalanche of people. Those that were inside the cord were fine, while those outside ended up alive thanks to a miracle. Thanks be to God we sisters were able to go inside the cord. We went beside the image of Our Lady and could enjoy the prayers, balloons, and fireworks.

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Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

On the Official Guayaquil Archdiocese Radio Station

On «¡Joven, levántate!» on Radio Santiago youth members and sisters gathered around the microphones to speak about Sr. Clare.

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