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Renewal of Commitments and Get-together in Chone

As in any place where the Home is present, here in Chone, the 8th of September was also a special day. We celebrated Our Lady's birthday as the occasion called for.  In the afternoon, all of the members of the Home who were going to renew their commitments or were going to enter in the Home for the fisrt time, got together for más a 7:30pm. What a joy it was to see the whole side wing of St. Cayetano's full of Home of the Mother t-shirts.

After Mass, we all went to our (the sisters') house and the ceremony of the entrances/renewals began; first the Lay members of the Home and then the Home of the Mother Youth.  There about 40 people in all, and some of them were entering for the first time. Thanks be to God, because He makes the family grow. You could tell how happy they were by the look on their faces. Afterwards, we had a party to celebrate the occasion.

When the 8th had gone by, we prepared ourselves for a get-together with all the members of the Home at the Maria Elisabetta Farm.  We thought about making it open to everybody, we invited the people, and in the end, we had a list of about 200 people. Apart from the members of the Home who normally come, the following groups came: a group from San Vicente, Darío and family along with 3 young people, 14 young people from the gruop from Canuto, students from our catechism classes for adults, the Sisters from Playa Prieta with a group of adults and young people, they were about 41 in all, and students from the Teology School that we sisters lead.

In all we were about 201 people, we were able to keep count thanks to the plastic plates, because otherwise it would have been impossible to do so.

We placed ourselves in the Lord's hands and began to prepare everything: three buses, chairs, portable stoves, pots and pans, and a speaker system. On Friday we killed one of our pigs to be able to buy the best quality meat.

On the day of the get-together, we began with prayer. Later we played a game, while some generous ladies and girls prepared the food (Rice, grilled pork, baked plantains and salad). Afterwards we ate and had a meeting about apostolate, and our responsability to do it. In the meeting we took advantage to explain the project we have to convert  that area into a place for get-togethers, etc., building bamboo huts, bathrooms, etc. Many people gave their ideas, and above all, their willingness to colaborate. There are already people who have helped out economically to be able to but the first bamboo. Some people are also willing to do the work.

We finished off praying the rosary and at 4:00pm, we all went home very happy, and desiring that we may be able to do this activity again.

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