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Adventures in Urroz, Spain

On October 28-30th, the community of Servant Brothers in Urroz-Villa – located in the region of Navarra, Spain – had a get-together for young boys from Barcelona, Zaragoza, Ajo (Cantabria), Arroniz (Navarra); other Servant Brothers came along as well.
Everyone arrived in the afternoon.  There was a family atmosphere right from the start, full of joy, friendly conversations, each one helping to serve the other – which should be trademarks of any member of the Home of the Mother.  All of the boys took part in the tasks and work that we had to do.  The first mission was to make dinner.  At dinner, we had a lot of reasons to celebrate: first of all, the very cause for our getting together: to get to know Our Lord, by means of Our Most Holy Mother the Blessed Virgin; secondly, to enjoy seeing each other again; and Fr. Juan´s 16th priestly anniversary was commemorated with a tasty pumpkin cake.

The next day, after having said our prayers and consecration to Our Mother Mary, we left early in the morning to go on a trip.  We headed off to Roncesvalles, relishing God´s beauty in His creation with remarkably magnificent scenery.  In Roncesvalles, we saw the abbey that had been built back in 1220, with a view to providing spiritual assistance to the pilgrims that came from France on there way to Santiago de Compostela, ¨The Way of St. James¨, affording them with the possibility of daily mass and of going to confession.  Not only did they build this abbey, but they also provided lodging for the pilgrims.  ¨We should always recover our spiritual and physical strength during our lives, especially in times of weariness.¨

The Prior, Fr. Jesús Idoate Gil, very cordially received us; he gave us a tour and explained the abbey´s history, patrimony, and wealth.

We finished our visit by stopping by the Church of Santa Maria, making a visit to Our Lord in the tabernacle, singing the Salve Regina, praying the Angelus before the statue of Our Lady of Roncesvalles, and having a short time for prayer.

Since it was beginning to get a bit chilly out, we felt like we needed to run around, so we started a great game of ¨Ultimate Soccer¨; we ran and had a lot of fun before we ate lunch.

In the afternoon, we climbed a mountaintop where you can see where the waters separate on their way towards France and Spain.  We could choose between taking the car or hiking up the mountain and we chose the latter...we went hiking.  When got to our final destination, you could hardly see anything since it was already so cloudy, but we did receive the grace of finding a chapel, so we finished our mountain trip by praying the rosary and singing to Our Mother Mary.  However, since we still had not been to mass, we had to head back home.

We finished our day with some time for prayer before the Most Holy Sacrament, Father Juan giving us points of meditation.

Before going to bed, we watched the third part of  ¨The Chronicles of Narnia¨, which we commented on the next day at breakfast, taking out different lessons from the movie, since it has many symbolic references.

Once again we began our day before Our Lord with time for adoration with points of meditation given by Father Reinhard.

After praying, we went to the catechism classes that the Servant Brothers give to the kids who are preparing to make their First Communion and Confirmation.  After catechism, we celebrated mass.

Our get-together was drawing to a close: some of us had to head back to our homes.  We left with hearts full of gratitude to the Lord for all the graces we had received these past few days.  We ate lunch and we finished up with a good soccer game; boys from the local towns came to play as well.

Yet our time together did not end there because in our daily lives we have to put into practice what we learned...Blessed be the Lord for all the graces we have received.

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