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Fireproof Your Faith

Last Sunday – October 30th – was a day full of graces and blessings for the Home of the Mother here in Lumezzane (Brescia), Italy.  Sunday began like any other Sunday: we went to Mass – this time at 9:30 – at our parish.  Afterwards, the Sisters went with a group of girls, aged 6 to 11, to the Don Rovetta Center in order to spend the day there.  All of the activities had for its theme the parable of the man who finds a treasure in the field, he hides it, and then later goes out and sells everything he has in order to buy that field.  We had time for prayer, reflecting on the parable before the Treasure: Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament.  We sang, danced, cooked, and ate…all together, as a family.  Later on, we had a scavenger hunt with teams; the goal was to find the treasure, which was Jesus in the Eucharist.  Once the scavenger hunt was over, five girls entered in the Home of the Mother for the first time – or renewed their commitments.  They were very happy to be a part of the gift that Our Lord wishes to make to His Mother, who is Our Mother as well!  Everyone went home happy after having spent the day together with Her.

As soon as the get-together with the younger girls was over, the Sisters and a small group of eight girls, who were 12-14 years old, left Lumezzane and headed off to Brignano Gera d´Adda, a small town situated about an hour from Lumezzane, where there is a new community of Servant Sisters – it had just been founded a week beforehand.  Our Sisters were there waiting for us…We were so happy to see them!  The next day, 3 more girls from Lumezzane came.  We spent the All Saints´ Day long weekend vacations (from October 30th to November 1st) in Brignano.  After dinner, we played a game where the girls had to overcome different challenges in order to discover what the theme of the get-together was going to be: ¨Fireproof Your Faith¨.  Everything we did was focused on the theme of faith in God, keeping the faith alive, sharing the faith, etc.  On October 31st, after praying in the morning, we saw the movie ¨Facing the Giants¨.  It was a very powerful film that taught us a lot of things about how we have to live our faith in each circumstance and always believe in the love of God, whether in prosperity or adversity.  A key phrase from the movie was taken from the Word of God: ¨Nothing is impossible for God.¨

Afterwards, we had a scavenger hunt with challenges that had to do with the faith; we had hidden the clues throughout the town, close by the parish.  We also decorated t-shirts with the theme of the get-together as a reminder of all the graces that we had been receiving throughout the long weekend.  That afternoon, we went to mass, which was the highlight of the entire day.  At night, we had the ¨Fireproof Show¨, where the hosts of the show were celestial --  Fire and Proof --  along with the help of the Sisters, who were the special guests and who helped to answer the profound questions that the audience asked them, with a few brief intermissions in order to dance, play, etc.  When our presenters had to go back to heaven, we took the time to spend a moment of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, in reparation for all the offences that the Lord would receive in the Eucharist, especially  that night (because of the pagan feast of Halloween).  There, Sr. Sara told us the story of a college girl who converted because of the Eucharist and we also heard about sacraleges that had taken place in the past few years.  We prayed and sang to the Lord, wanteing to show Him our love with all our hearts.

On November 1st, we spent the day with the Saints.  We went to Mass and then afterwards, we had arts and crafts.  After that, we played a game that had to do with the Saints.  At the end of the retreat, each one received a protector saint for the entire year; they had to learn stories about the saint´s life and so on.

We give thanks to God and to Our Mother for all that we received during these days and we hope that everything gives fruits of eternal life!

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for giving us the chance to have this experience.  Due to momentary difficulties (being tired and sleepy), I was able to put my faith through the test of fire.
I wanted to thank you for the definition of ¨true love¨, which, since I have started to truly believe, I am searching for with all my strength.
I have strengthened my faith and I understood, thanks to the movie and to the discussion, that nothing is impossible for God, His ways are infinite.
This experience has enriched me a lot.  I beileve that I was able to distinguish between the serious moments and the time for games, and that has helped me to communicate with God.
Thank you very much.
Chiara Prandelli

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