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Our Lady of the Eagle

The flow of activity at Our Lady of the Eagle Sanctuary in Alcalá de Guardaría, located near Seville, Spain is continuously showing signs of bearing fruit.

Thanks be to God, on Saturday, November 19th, more than 50 girls came to our monthly get-together.

In spite of the gloomy outlook that morning, the sun started to shine splendidly later on and so we were still able to have the activities that we had planned outdoors.  The games were a huge success.  The girls actively participated with good-natured competitiveness, although there was still a few who tried to pull a fast one!  Afterwards, we had a short reunion, followed by lunch.

Divine Providence changed around the schedule we had planned and intervened in the form of 120 pilgrims from Almería, though we were happy to welcome them.  When the pilgrims had left, we taught a choreographed dance to the music of the song ¨Lord I Lift Your Name on High¨.  Not all of them were able to overcome their self-consciousness and raise their hands in the air while singing in a foreign language, but, in the end, everyone was glad they had learned it.

Once we had learned the song, we got to work making arts and crafts.  It was the best part of the day for the girls, as well as for the sisters and chaperones: for the girls, because they genuinely enjoy it; for the adults, because it is a challenge that requires an enormous amount of patience.  The little girls were also able to overcome the challenge of  ¨following instructions¨ and after a few tries, they were able to make cards that were artistically original.  What was important was that in the end, all of them could happily show their moms what they had made.

We finished off the day by praying a Hail Mary and we gave each of the girls who had come to four get-togethers in a row a bandanna as a gift.  Also, three girls who were new signed up to help out.  

We are really excited for the next get-together!

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