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Be a Friend of the Saints

Our Lady gave us a beautiful, sunny day after many rainy days here in Cantabria, on Saturday, October 29th, when we had a get-together for little girls in Zurita, Spain.The 5 girls arrived at noon and the H.M. Get-Together began.  What was the theme?  ¨Be a Friend of the Saints¨.  And what better way to start off the day than with the Saints´ best friends: Jesus and Mary, of course.

So the girls went to the Sisters´ chapel in order to start the day off well.  A Sister talked to the girls about how to be a friend of the Saints and about how through Baptism each of us is called to be a saint.  In the chapel, the Sister used a plugged-in light bulb to show the girls that in order to be true Christians, shinging in this world admist all the evil, one has to be plugged in to the source of all truth and holiness, which is Jesus, by means of prayer and the sacraments.

Afterwards, there was time for fun games and a video about the shephard children of Fatima.  Who knows where Fatima is?  One little girl jumped up and said, ¨In Lourdes¨.  They spent the day laughing, singing, playing games, and...the girls also made a great discovery: the chickens!  According to one of the little girls, chickens do not existe in the civilized world.  They loved gathering the eggs and they wanted to feed them.

The get-together ended with a scavenger hunt in two seperate teams, where they had to become friends with the Saints and they had to try to enter into the big fort where the Queen of All Saints was hiding.  We prayed together a mystery of the rosary with Our Mother Mary and then the girls went home happy, eating the chocolate truffles that they themselves had made.

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