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Soldiers of Mary

We had our monthly get-together for young girls at Our Lady of the Rosary and of Hope Parish in Mostoles, Spain this November.

This time, we had a fun surprise waiting for the girls: for one day, they were going to get to be Soldiers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in order to fight against the ¨enemies¨ of their souls.

It all began at noon; the first thing that the girls did was make their armor (shields, breastplates, helmets, swords...) for the battle that they were going to have that afternoon.  Later on, we saw the movie ¨Saint Patrick¨ in order to learn from his life, since he fought to protect the faith and to defend the Irish people’s faith from the Druids, the wizards who enslaved the people with their made-up powers.

When the movie was over, we ate in order to build up strength and then...the moment came that we had all been waiting for: the game!

The girls were split up into teams and they had to overcome obstacles – that were really fun! – in which they had to win parts of their armor for the final battle.  They had a great time!

Of course, it all had a happy ending and the girls, victorious, returned home very pleased and excited to come back again.

Thanks be to God!

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