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New Parish Priest in Navarra

Obispo y P.José LuisThe Archbishop of Pamplona, Francisco Pérez González celebrated the Rite of Induction of Father Jose Luis as the new parish priest in Urroz-Villa in the Navarre Region of Spain on Saturday the 22nd of September.

Three local priests, all the Servant Priests and Brothers, and about 80 parishioners showed up for the ceremony.
“I have never seen such a solemn induction before in my life,” commented Father Felix, Superior General of the Servant Brothers of the Home of the Mother. The Servants and many of the parishioners were deeply moved by the serious nature of the event.

Abrazo The new parish priest Father Jose Luis himself commented that,“It was like taking my perpetual vows again.”
Many people were very impressed with the Archbishop's warm welcome and homily. He commented on the economic crisis which is taking it's toll on the people in Spain and Europe but then pointed to a much greater crisis (yet hardly ever mentioned) being that of the spiritual crisis which Spain is experiencing and for that matter, Europe in general.
“What we have is a crisis of spirituality,” asserted the Archbishop. He commented on that day's Psalm which contained the verse, “The Lord sustains my life,” asserting that people must construct their life on the Lord and his precepts, otherwise one builds on sand. The Archbishop commented that he himself came from humble beginnings. His family grew up materially poor yet his parents taught him the importance of serving the Lord and doing his will. Later on, after having being chosen to be a Bishop, he told Pope John Paul II that, “All I desire is to serve the Lord.”
It was wonderful beginning to Father Jose Luis' new ministry as Parish Priest. He will be accompanied by three other Servant Brothers of the Home who will help him with catechism classes and other parish duties.

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