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First Get-together in Nules

mariamThis past November 10th, the Servant Sisters of the community of Valencia went to Nules, in the Province of Castellon (Spain), to have the first get-togethers of the year.

The get-together began at 4:30 and finished at 6:30 p.m.  The participants were the students from the catechism classes, including those who will receive the sacrament of confirmation.  Our first contact with them was in October, where we could meet all our young friends in their own environment and we also were able to meet their parents.  It was a very warm welcoming.

ninaIn our first visit, a group of young boys and girls came as well as another older group from the confirmation classes.  We were there to work for the Lord.  We had gone where He wanted us to go, and we were going to say what He wanted us to say.  The growth and the spiritual fruit depended on Him.

The boys and girls went directly to the Church for a short time of prayer with the Lord.  One sister spoke to them about the children of Fatima.  Afterwards, the time came to learn while playing, and that is just what they did.  They had a great time.  There was also time to see a short video about the parable of the lost sheep and to make the craft that consisted precisely in making a small puppet sheep.  There was no way in putting an end to the get-together.  Everyone wanted to finish his or her puppet sheep before leaving.  The two hours of the afternoon passed by quickly.

talleresThe confirmation students had their own activities.  They began the get-together in the chapel with a short time of prayer but afterwards the questions continued….and continued.  Right after, we saw a video about confession, and the questions continued.  One of the girls, when we asked her what she would like to do, she said, “Talks, because afterwards, at night, I think about it.”

We will continue going to this town to where the Lord has brought us to continue doing what He wants us to do.


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