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First Century Martyrs: Get-together in Alcalá

juegoOn Saturday, November 17th, the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother had a get-together with the girls and youth in the Shrine of Our Lady of the Eagle of Alcalá de Guadaíra, Seville (Spain).

The weather was not very favorable, since rain was forecasted for that day.  The entire city of Alcalá woke up with clouds, but right above the Shrine, there was clear skies  with sun.  Therefore, trusting in the help of Our Mother, we began the get-together.  There were 85 girls in total, of which 20 were new.

pulposAfter several songs, without wanting to provoke the clouds, we learned a norm of good manners and we went to have a time of prayer. 

Since the theme of the get-together was about the martyrs, the next activity, after explaining what was a martyr, etc., was to dress up in the time of the romans and to go down to the castle, where Cesar and his wild beasts were waiting for us to put our faith to the test.  When we were still dressed in the costumes, it began to rain, but it only lasted for two minutes.

comidaAfter the game in the castle, although the cloudy sky continued to threaten us, we were able to eat our great tasting sandwiches outside.  We cleaned everything up and went inside, as well as we could, since it is a small place.  Then it was time for  some arts and crafts.  We made an octopus made of yarn that they all enjoyed.  One of the girls told us that she showed it to her teacher, and when her teacher saw it, she had her direct the craft for the entire class.  We also had met in the street some of the girls´mothers and they had said that their girls had been going everywhere with their octopus, and that they had invited some friends to the next get-together.

capillaWe finished by saying good-bye to the Virgin, and by that time it was raining cats and dogs.  From here we give thanks to God and to Our Lady for the beautiful day that we had and we commend to them the next one, that will be held on December 15th in the Shrine of the Eagle, from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

As always, we encourage you to invite all the girls that you would like so that they may also participate and make new friends, learn new things that are very good and important, and above all, to grow closer to God and to the Virgin Mary.

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